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5 Best Offline Media Player Apps For Android To Play Both Video And Music Files


Are you trying very hard to find a good android based application with the help of which you can play every kind of video and music file? Here in this article, we are going to discuss everything about such five best applications.

By Akhil Taneja - 
31st Mar 2020
Best Offline Media Player Apps

Highlights of the Story

  1. There are a few applications that can help you in taking advantage of both music and video format files. 
  2. Some of the best applications for android that provides support for music and video formats are MX Player and VLC Player. 
  3.  Several codecs are nowadays available in these video and music files playing applications.

Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential source of entertainment, with the help of which people can entertain themselves, and along with that, they can stay connected with the world virtually.

But the main point is that there are several applications that we would have to install in our smartphones and they can get rid of our boredom along with taking help from any external application.

A couple of years ago offline media, including movies and music was the only source of entertainment and in this era of OTT platforms, some people still prefer playing media on the smartphones that they have downloaded from torrent or any other platform and for this, it requires some special applications that can run all file forms.

To make things easy, here is the list of 5 best offline media player applications with the help of which you would be able to take advantage of video and music files efficiently. 

VLC Player

VLC player is one such offline media player application that is considered as one of the best and must-have applications. Although the overall look and UI of this application might not be modern, the app is simple and easy to use.

It offers you several unique features that you can’t even get with various premium media player applications on the android. 

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Also, you would be able to stream videos with the help of its URL only, along with that it offers the support of various video formats such as DVD ISOs and many more.

There is the support of additional plugins also that can enhance the overall user experience of this media player application.

  • This media player has the compatibility of playing most types of files, along with that, it supports several codecs that enhance its compatibility. 
  • VLC player has the support of almost every android version, which states that you would be able to play nearly every kind of media format on any android device.
  • No matter what kind of media file you are going to use, you would not have to download any advanced plugin or codecs. VLC player contains all such essential codes in-built in it. 
  • You would be able to stream online files also and that too directly with the help of their URL. This is an exceptional feature that most of the premium media players don’t even have. 
  • It is an extremely convenient and effective media player that you will ever use in your android smartphone. 

Download Link: Click here to download VLC Player 

MX Player

MX Player is such a media player application which is always trying to provide the best to their users. Hence they keep on adding new features to their application.

With this media player, you would be able to take advantage of most customizable features with which you can get an enhanced video streaming and music listening experience.

There are several exceptional features that you can get with MX Player, and one of those features is gesture control, with the help of which you would be able to control your music and video playing work with in-built gestures. 

  • You would be able to take advantage of fantastic playback features such as hardware and software decoding. It also offers support for various media formats that are AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV and many more. 
  • There are very few media players that offer subtitle support, but you would be able to take advantage of this feature with MX Player. 
  • It offers a great feature of audio boost, with the help of which you would be able to increase the volume of your video or music files above a specific limit. In this case, you would need to change your decoder in the settings, and that’s it. 
  • You would be able to play network streams; also, you just need to enter the network URL. 

Download Link: Click here to download MX Player

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AllCast best offline android media players

In case if you are trying to find such media player that can play audio and video files along with that you can stream the content stored on Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and various such devices? Then here is AllCast that is going to help you and provide the best possible media playing services. 

Although this application for android is not free, you will get a free trial within which you can decide whether you need to go for the pro version or not. 

  • With the help of this media player, you would be able to stream all kinds of video and music-based content from your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and various such devices. 
  • Although people think that they can’t take advantage of normally stored media files, which is not at all true. As you can view saved files also with the help of this media player. 

Download Link: Click here to download AllCast


BSPlayer best offline android media players

BSPlayer is such a media player application that offers you some of the excellent hardware decoding features. You would be able to find many more such related features with this application. Some of those features are multi-core hardware decoding, hardware acceleration, DLNA support. 

This application is offered in two versions one free and paid version, although both have the same features but with the paid version you would not have to face any ads. 

  • You would be able to play YouTube videos directly in this media player with the help of their direct links. 
  • It also offers you subtitle support with all the music and video files. 
  • With BSPlayer you can take advantage of resizable movie windows, with which you can get an extended view. 
  • You can even change the resolution of your video files accordingly. 

Download Link: Click here to download BSPlayer

ASD Music and Video Player

ASD Music and Video Player best offline android media playersIn case you are trying to find music and video player application with the help of which you can take advantage of latest file formats, then ASD music and video player is the best possible option for you. 

Music playing corner you would be able to take advantage of bass boost and equaliser feature, moreover, this application also supports Wear OS.

  • Supports almost every latest music and video format. 
  • Offers you bass boost and various such features for music enhancement. 
  • You would be able to use this application for free completely. 
  • It comes with Wear OS support. 

Download Link: Click here to download ASD Music and Video Player

Here we have come to the end of this article in which we discussed everything about five best media player applications, with which you would be able to take advantage of both music and video playing facilities efficiently.

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If you are looking for the perfect playback tool that can play all kinds of subtitles and HD videos, then KMPlayer is the best option for your Android phone. It also has a HD video player that can support smartphones and tablets and play up to 4k, 8k UHD video quality. The latest updated version of this app has also added several features like quick button, video zoom and move, playlist setting, subtitle setting and the like.

  • High definition video playback: HD, 4K, 8K, UHD, Full HD playback.
  • Color adjustment: change brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma information.
  • Popup Play: Pop-up windows that can be used with other apps.
  • Equalizer: Use equalizer for music and video.
  • Speed ​​control: Playback speed control function up to 0.25 ~ 4 times.
  • Timer function: Video and music timer function.
  • Search function: Search music and video you want.
  • Play URL: Play any video on web by entering a URL.
  • External storage device support: Load external storage device (SD card / USB memory).
  • Cloud: Play music and content within Google Drive.

Media Player

Media Player discovers each of your videos on its own for you. Furthermore, it allows the changing of formats of the recordings. Media Player also provides a powerful WiFi transfer function over a wireless connection. With this app, you can simply put your video on an sd card or click the URL  to watch it. More than 1 million users are depending on this app for playing videos easily.

  • Supports all video formats.
  • Hardware Acceleration – Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new H/W decoder.
  • Multi-Core Decoding – Dual-core device’s performance is up to 70% better than single-core devices.
  • Supports HD videos and HD video playing memory optimization.
  • Playlists and continuous play.
  • Thumbnail displays of videos.
  • Delete, Rename, Play/Pause operations.
  • Codec Plugin.




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