India’s Ministry of Defence is about to start Agniveer Agnipath recruitment. The Ministry of Defence will be conducting this untried acquisition scheme which will be called Agnipath, and the candidates who will make it to the merit list of this recruitment scheme will be made Armed Forces authorities who will be addressed as Aginveers. 

This recruitment scheme by the Union Cabinet’s bill ensures that India’s young blood gets the option to serve in the Armed Forces for a span of four years. 

Agniveer Agnipath Recruitment

In this article, we will inform you of everything regarding the Agniveer Agnipath recruitment, eligibility standards, application process, etc. 

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Agniveers Agnipath Recruitment Scheme For 2022

Agniveer Agnipath Recruitment

The Agnipath Yojna Application to acquire young resources for Armed Forces will be going live soon on the official website of the Ministry of Defence, and all candidates who are between the age of 17.5 to 23 will be able to apply for this recruitment scheme. The Armed Forces will be recruiting 46,000 Aginveers for the first batch, and you can expect applicants to apply in huge numbers, so if you are one of the candidates willing to apply, then kindly be ready with the information beforehand to be able to state your complete information once the official website link is open to for application submission. 

The way to get the candidate’s application will be online, and you should be well aware of the instructions stated in the notification bar for recruitment. 

Information about the Agnipath Agniveer Scheme

Agniveer Agnipath Recruitment
Category Details
Information About– Agnipath Agniveer Recruitment Scheme For 2022
– Agnipath Yojana
Article AboutArm Forces Scheme
Organization Present Ministry of Defence
Scheme's NameAgniveers Agnipath
Posting In Armed Forces
Number of Vacancies46,000
Application Start Time June End/July Start 2022
Mode of applicationOnline
Ventured ByGovernment Of India

Agniveer Agnipath Scheme Benefits

Agniveer Agnipath Recruitment

The Agniveer Agnipath recruitment will be launched online soon, and the aspirants who aspire to be able to serve in Armed Forces should get some credible advantages for applying to the Army. The aspirants will be notified of the scheme through the official website once the portal to take in the aspirants goes live.

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Below we stated some excellent reasons for our youth to consider this scheme- 

  • An impressive policy for the youth to get a chance to serve their nation.
  • An appealing monetary package for all the Agniveers.
  • Moulding the merit-listed candidates into resourceful and proficient youth with military ethics in society.
  • Agniveers to be oriented in the finest academies.
  • The Armed Gorce profile in your CV/Resume will help you land prominent positions in your jobs after four years of service in the Armed Forces. 

Agneeveers Agnipath Scheme Eligibility Standards For 2022

Below you will find the eligibility standards that the aspirants must be able to meet without any exceptions:

  • All aspirants must have qualified classes 10th and 12th from a recognized education board.
  • The apprentices must have a graduation degree from the learned University.
  • The aspirant must be a citizen of India.

Attributes and Advantages

Agniveer Agnipath Recruitment

Below you will find some of the attributes and advantages of the Agniveers Agnipath schemes-

  • The Agniveers will be getting lucrative salary packages. 
  • All the Agniveers will be supplied with the Risk and Hardship Allowance.
  • The probation term for the Aginveers will be four years post which 25% of Aginveers will be retained, and the remaining 75% will be helped to return to civilian life. 
  • After completing four years of job successfully, the Agniveers will be paid a one-time ‘SevaNidhi’ package of around Rs.11,00,000-12,00,000. 
  • The Agniveers will be given a non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs.48,00,000 till their time in the Armed Forces.
Year Tenure NumberSalaryIn-Hand Salary
Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%)Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund fund by Government of India
1st Year TenureRs.30,000 per monthRs.21,000 per monthRs.9,000 per monthRs.9,000 per month
2nd Year TenureRs.33,000 per monthRs.23,100 per monthRs.9,900 per monthRs.9,900 per month
3rd Year TenureRs.36,500 per monthRs.25,580 per monthRs.10,950 per monthRs.10,950 per month
4th Year TenureRs.40,000 per monthRs.28,000 per monthRs.12,000 per monthRs.12,000 per month
  • Amount of contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund after four years – Rs.5,02,000.
  • Amount to be received after four years – Rs 11,71,000 under the ‘SevaNidhi’ Package.

How to Apply for Agniveers Agnipath Scheme 2022?

Aspirants who are eligible to apply for this scheme can find the instructions below- 

  1. Go to the official website of the Ministry of Defence, i.e.
  2. On the site’s main page, you have to search for the Agnipath application link, which should be under the What’s New section.
  3. Once you find the link, click on that link, and there the application form will open up. 
  4. Start filling out the application form for recruitment and then upload all the scanned copies with the application form.
  5. Once the documents are uploaded with the form, pay the fee and look at the complete application form before final submission. After the final review, click on the submit review, and your details will be registered.
  6. Following the steps mentioned above, you can apply for the Agniveers Agnipath scheme application form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agniveer Agnipath Recruitment

Will there be any emblem on Agniveers’ uniforms to differentiate them?

Agniveers will have a unique emblem on their uniform. 

Will Agniveers be qualified for recognition and distinctions?

In short, yes, they will be qualified for recognition and distinctions per existing policies overseeing the subject for the individual Armed Forces.

What is the assessment procedure of the Agniveers during their tenure?

To sum up, the Armed Forces will have online informational records of ‘Agniveers’ and pursue a translucent standard review process. An accurate method to ensure proper and honest assessment is done. The skills acquired by Agniveers will be documented. All-around policies will be prepared before selecting the first batch of Agniveers, and the exact, along with any successive modifications, will be published.

Will Agniveers be eligible for yearly leaves?

In short, Aginveers will be qualified for 30 yearly ill leaves based on medical recommendations.

Will Agniveers get a medical structure?

To clarify, Agniveer is to have access to the Service Hospitals’ medical facility and CSD provisions until they are tenured as well. 

Can Agniveer be allowed to leave before fulfilment of term?

In summary, Agniveer is not allowed to leave the Armed Forces before finishing their term of four years. Nevertheless, the Qualified Authority may permit it in unusual circumstances.

Is there any condition of payment in case of disability or demise?

 In case of disability, these are the payments that Aginveer will receive- 

  • So, Agniveer will get a one-time ex-gratia(An ex gratia amount is the one an employee would obtain from their employer as a termination compensation when they have exited the job) disability package of Rs.44,00,000 for 100% disability.
  • Moreover, Agniveer will be given Rs.25,00,000 for having a 75% disability.
  • Also, Agniveer will be given Rs.15,00,000 for having g 50% disability.

Most importantly, Agniveer also receives a salary for the non-served period from the four-year service and the Seva Nidhi package for both served and non-served terms.

Moreover, if an Agniveer dies for natural reasons, then a Rs 48,00,000 life insurance and in addition to it, the Seva Nidhi package for the done period will be indemnified to the family of the Agniveer.

On the other hand, if Agniveer died during the line of duty, his family would obtain payment for the non-served term of Rs.44,00,000 along with the Seva Nidhi Package for served and non-served terms.

Is the Agniveer scheme available for women?

In brief, the Aginveer scheme would also be open to women.


To conclude, you will know about the scheme after the notice comes out, and you need to regularly check the website for updates on the Agniveer Agnipath recruitment scheme. Please keep checking our articles as well as we will also be sharing the detail about the Agniveers Agnipath Scheme.

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