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Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy S Which Has Best Resale Value?


The resale value of every smartphone is a notable thing but it gets more important when you have a flagship smartphone. Apple and Samsung have done a great job in terms of releasing their new flagship devices. But there is a huge difference between them when we get to know their resale values. Here’s which one of these two has better resale values.

- Updated: 13th Jan 2022, 21:20 IST

Every year a lot of new smartphones hit the market. But the most hyped ones are Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S or Note Series. These are the market leaders in terms of new flagship smartphones.

Whenever, you buy one of these devices, as soon as you start using them, the resale value drops considerably. If someone buys an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series they expect a better resale than any other smartphone on the market. Although it also highly depends on the condition of your smartphone.

In this article, we will discuss which one of these flagships has better resale value and how you can get a better deal for your old iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. And also, have a look on Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy S.

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Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy S: Which Phone has Best Resale Value?

Which Phone has Best Resale Value?

If we compare between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S smartphones or any other Android smartphones. Apple easily beat them all in terms of better resale value. However, the resale value of Samsung is still better than most other Andriod smartphones but still, it can’t get ahead of iPhones.

You can see the market trends and several eCommerce websites where old smartphones are sold. The price of any iPhone from the same year as the Samsung S series will be much higher (Resale Value Percentage wise), most of the time it is 20-30 per cent more than Samsung’s flagship smartphones. 

You can also check the resale value from websites like Cashify to get a better insight into the resale value of these smartphones.

iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone is considerably better in terms of Resale Value especially during the initial years of its release. For instance, the iPhone 12 Pro released last year can give you 65 to 75 per cent of its MRP while the Galaxy S21 by Samsung which was launched in January would give you a similar resale value.

This shows the better Resale value of iPhones over the Samsung Smartphones, even after the difference in their launch dates. And the resale value (per cent) will further get decrease with Samsung S21 as soon as it hits one more year and iPhone 12 Pro will still do certainly better than it.

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Why do iPhones have better Resale Value than Samsung?

Why do iPhones have better Resale Value than Samsung?

There are several reasons that make the resale value of iPhones better than Samsung or any other Android smartphone. One of them is releasing iPhones once a year. Samsung S series smartphones are also released once a year. But that’s not the only flagship smartphone that Samsung has. They also release the Note series after the S series smartphones.

Being an Android-based smartphone manufacturer, Samsung also has to compete with other Android manufacturers in different price segments. And we all know how frequently new Android smartphones are released in the market (basically every week). This makes companies put the latest technology and hardware in their newer smartphones which affect the value of their older smartphones. 

Whereas with iPhone you will only see one release per year that includes all the latest technology by Apple. If a user buys a new iPhone this year, they won’t find any new technology by Apple until the release of new iPhones next year.

Another big reason iPhone has a better resale value than Samsung Smartphones is due to its unique operating system. Apple is the only manufacturer that builds the iPhone with their own processor and operating system that only runs iPhone apps. In terms of software, iPhone doesn’t have any competition.

iOS and Android

If we look at the Samsung smartphones on Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy S, they use the same Android OS that other Android manufacturers use. Although they have their own OneUI skin to make their software looks unique and new. But still being an Android smartphone it will have the same features and technologies as other Android Smartphones. 

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Apple releases only flagship and high-end smartphones, but one thing about apple devices that makes them out of the competition is their device ecosystem. If you have other Apple devices like MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. You can work more efficiently as they are very much interconnected which you don’t find with Samsung smartphones.

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How to get the best Resale Value for your iPhones or Samsung Galaxy Smartphones?


There are various platforms to sell your old smartphone. But Cashify is one of the top-rated probably platforms to sell your old smartphone that is fully safe, convenient, and offers the best resale value for your smartphone. 

The process of selling your smartphone is also very simple; you just need to follow a few simple steps.  Cashify is very convenient too as everything will be done while sitting at home.

The only thing you need is to register on the website and choose your smartphone model. If you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone just select them. Now a technician will come who will check the condition of the device. As soon as he picks up the phone the money will be credited to your bank account. The platform grades your device based on its condition and gives you the best resale value possible. 

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Click here if you’re looking to sell phone online, or want to recycle old phone, and Cashify will help you get the process completed right at your doorstep.


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Highlights of the Story

  • The flagship smartphones are coming with huge price tags nowadays as new technology comes at a premium price
  • It is very important to know how much these devices would be worth after a year or even after few months.
  • Let’s check which one has better resale value among iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones.


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