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Are Refurbished Samsung Phones Waterproof? Ultimate Guide In 2024


Investigating the water resistance of refurbished Samsung phones is crucial for informed purchases. Cashify offers transparent refurbishment processes and reliable recommendations for buyers seeking waterproof devices. With a hassle-free exchange policy, Cashify ensures a smooth experience for purchasing, selling, and repairing gadgets.

- Updated: 28th Feb 2024, 14:56 IST
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    Waterproof vs Water Resistant
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    Samsung’s Water Resistance Ratings
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    Refurbishment Process and the Impact of Being Water-Resistant
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    Factors Influencing Water Resistance
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    Cashify recommendations
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As customers continue to prefer refurbished smartphones, there might be concerns about the originality of some features like water resistance. The feature of waterproofing Samsung mobile phones is very important for those who want to buy refurbished ones. This article looks into different aspects that influence water resistance in used Samsung gadgets and offers various alternatives to a potential buyer.

Let’s dig deeper into this matter!

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

It is critical to differentiate between waterproof and water-resistant so that one can determine how much safeguard a refurbished Samsung phone can offer. Waterproof means total coverage against any water while water-resistant refers to the possibility for the gadget to resist splashes and short contact with water.

Samsung’s Water Resistance Ratings

Samsung’s most recent versions of the Galaxy series feature IP ratings designed for dust and water resistance. These ratings include IP67 and IP68 which give insights about its capability to handle instances of exposure to moisture.

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Refurbishment Process and the Impact of Being Water-Resistant

The refurbishment of Samsung phones normally involves different stages, such as examination, washing, repair, and part replacement. While these procedures aim to restore the phone’s functionality, there is a possibility that they may interfere with the seal around the phone’s openings, thus affecting its waterproof characteristics.

Factors Influencing Water Resistance

Various things affect the water resistance of refurbished phones. The quality of renovation also matters where reliable renovators have strict quality checks to maintain original waterproofing. Further than this repairs magnitude and testing protocols performed after refurbishing also affect water resistance.

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Cashify recommendations

To get refurbished Samsung phones that will retain their waterproof properties it is highly recommended that you buy from our trusted top platform. We have clear warranty policies and give detailed information on how we refurbish our products. While considering whether a smartphone is waterproof is important, it should not be relied upon solely for buying one. Accidental drops into water or other liquids could still occur and over time any form of waterproofing will likely wear off so having a water-tight cover would allow for extra protection. At Cashify you get the device of your choice at an affordable price with a 15-day replacement/refund period and a 6-month warranty.

Follow the steps and explore the refurbished Samsung devices in our inventory at exciting prices.

  1. Visit
  2. Browse to Refurbished Mobile section.
  3. Select smartphone brand, Samsung.
  4. Choose from the available devices
  5. Add to the cart after registering your mobile number.
  6. Make payment and your device will be delivered to your doorstep.

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In conclusion, these phones are useful and valuable in a way, even though they are waterproof. Buyers must therefore study the process of refurbishing, reflect on significant aspects, as well as take extra care to safeguard their phones. You will get the refurbished phone of your choice with quality assurance and warranty through Cashify. Just trust Cashify, and the device you want will reach your home.

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Purchase, Sell, and Repair your gadgets through Cashify at budget-friendly rates. Cashify streamlines the entire process, providing a 15-day exchange/return window for refurbished mobile phones.


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