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7 Best Android TVs In India April 2024


An Android TV is used for accessing Google Assistant, downloading applications and activities from the Play Store, etc. Let’s look at a few of the top Android TVs for the residents of India in this post, but first, learn how to get the best one. Read on to know more.

- Updated: 29th Mar 2024, 12:57 IST
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    What To Consider While Buying The Best Android TV?
    • Screen Resolution
    • Refresh Rate
    • Sound quality
    • Screen Size
    • Warranty
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    List Of The Top Android TV In India
    • 1. SONY A8H
    • 2. SONY ZH8
    • 3. The SONY X80J
    • 4. Redmi 126 cm X50|L50M6-RA
    • 5. Redmi 139 cm X55|L55M6-RA
    • 6. OnePlus 125.7cm 50U1S
    • 7. Samsung 125 cm UA50AUE60AKLXL
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Many of the entertainment applications you use on your mobile are now accessible on the large screen owing to an android TV. The best android TV for the house combines all of the features you want in a modern television with a basic style and a low price. On the other hand, buying a television is not simple because there are several factors to consider when determining which television to purchase.

Aside from the obvious factors such as screen size, sound output, and design, it would help if you also examined whether or not the TV is Android. You can use an Android TV to access Google Assistant, download applications and activities from the Play Store, etc. Let’s look at a few of the top Android TVs for the residents of India in this post, but first, learn how to get the best one.

What To Consider While Buying The Best Android TV?

android TV

If you’re searching for a new Android TV at a shop or online, you may have been overwhelmed by the vast array of various technologies, features, and capabilities available. Television is a significant investment, and you must be confident your money is well spent. If you’re seeking straightforward purchasing guidance or want to know which characteristics are most important, keep reading. You will find the answers to the typical inquiries concerning Android TVs, from the fundamentals of Android TV capabilities to their pricing and more.

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Screen Resolution

Resolution means the number of pixels that form the image on display. More pixels equal a crisper image with finer details; hence more excellent resolution is preferable. Ultra HD resolution, commonly known as 4K, has become the industry standard, and it’s the best option if you want to protect your investment in the future.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate, measured in Hertz (Hz), indicates how many times each second an image on the screen is updated. The usual refresh rate is 60 Hz, or 60 times per second. A 60 Hz refresh rate, on the other hand, might cause fuzzy or shaky images in scenarios with fast-moving objects, especially on LCD HDTVs. As a result, producers increased the refresh rate to 120 Hz to offer a more solid image (and, in some instances, up to 240 Hz). For the smoothest picture, most TV buyers should avoid buying a TV with less than 120 Hz refresh rate.

Sound quality

When it comes to your TV’s audio quality, remember that the greater the wattage, the stronger the audio output. It is critical, particularly if you have a large house, to have a television that creates enough sound to go long distances. Consider purchasing a strong sound system set up by selecting an excellent soundbar if you want the optimum audio experience from your Android TV.

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Screen Size

Whether you’re searching for a high-performance or direct Android TV, the screen size will undoubtedly be the most crucial aspect of your selection. Think about how many members in your household watch TV simultaneously and where you’ll place your new set. Then, based on your budget, choose the most significant screen size which will fit seamlessly in that location. Around 55 and 65 inches is the golden spot in pricing, performance, and the average living room.


Many consumers choose to purchase televisions that have extended warranties. These warranties might lead to significant savings if your television breaks down due to a manufacturing problem. We’ve meticulously documented all of the available goods with an impressive warranty on this page.

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List Of The Top Android TV In India

An Android TV is a smart television operating system that is a modified version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. It’s made to bring everything you like to watch on your phone to your TV. You’ve come to the correct spot if you seek India’s most incredible Android TV. Here’s a compiled list of the top Android TV in India. Continue reading!



Sony’s flagship OLED TV for 2020 is the Sony A8H, which runs Android TV. The user interface on this TV is quite fluid. Sony has changed the settings options in the TV’s user interface to make it more user-friendly. The TV supports 4K, HDR, featuring Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, and the Play Store has all of the top streaming services. Also, the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built-in and can AirPlay content from an iOS iPhone to the TV. It comes with a remote control that works with Google Assistant. The TV incorporates Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology for audio, which turns the whole display into a speaker for an entirely audio experience.

User-friendly interfaceHas an overly reflective screen
4K resolution support
Google Assistant and Alexa are built-in

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The Sony TV Z8H is an 8K television with a full-spectrum LED backlight system. The TV comes with Android TV, and access to Google’s Play Store and all OTT platforms. You can also use your Assistant or Alexa-enabled smart speaker to manage the TV. The TV also supports Apple AirPlay. For visual processing, the TV uses Sony’s X1 Ultimate chipset. Also, the TV has an X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, which improves contrast. The TV also has Sony Multi Acoustics sound technology and may be utilised as the main speaker in the home theatre system. The TV also features HDR 10, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and 8K.

Superb contrastVery heavy to move around
Sony Multi Acoustics technology for excellent sound
8K resolution support

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3. The SONY X80J


The Sony X80J supports the Google TV interface. It’s a 4K TV that supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. The TV is powered by the Sony X1 4K HDR processor, enabling it to show object-based HDR. On TV, the most recent Google TV UI is utilised. The Google Play Store, which offers popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, and others, is still available to users. The television also supports AirPlay 2. The Google Assistant is accessible via a voice-activated remote control included with the TV. You may also use an Alexa-enabled smart speaker to control the TV.

Uses the latest Google TV UILimited to 60Hz refresh rate for gaming
Voice Assistant support
HDR processing is better than competitor products

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4. Redmi 126 cm X50|L50M6-RA

Redmi 126 cm X50

The Redmi L50M6-RA is a classic-looking Android TV with a clean and attractive design. Featuring a premium performance with a Quad-Core A55 CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB storage for an unrivalled viewing experience. It has a 4K HDR display with exceptional visual quality for a fantastic watching experience. Dolby Vision also brings the hues and details of the item on the screen to life, and the Hybrid Log-Gamma aids in the projection of high-quality images. Furthermore, you may enjoy a strong sound experience at home with this TV’s 30 W speakers and Dolby audio. You may use this TV to search for material across 25+ OTT applications and access it with a single tap.

Excellent specifications for the priceNeeds improvement in Voice Assistant services
Access to over 25 OTT applications
Dolby Audio support

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5. Redmi 139 cm X55|L55M6-RA

Redmi 139 cm X55

The Xiaomi Redmi L55M6-RA is a beautiful Android TV, including a 4K Ultra HD LED display. This TV’s 4K HDR boasts over 8 million pixels of visual clarity for a fantastic viewing experience. It gives 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, and a Mali G52 MP2 graphics engine for seamless operation. The TV is equipped with two 15W X 2 speakers that deliver a stereo experience with intense audio. DTS Virtual X also improves the sound source for a fantastic experience in any setting.

8 million pixels for fantastic colour reproductionCasting support needs thorough improvement
Decent sound quality from speakers
16GB of internal storage

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6. OnePlus 125.7cm 50U1S

OnePlus 125.7cm 50U1S

The OnePlus 50U1S is a slim and beautiful Android TV, including a 4K UHD panel that is 125.7cm in length. It has an Android operating system, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, and a G52 MC 1 graphics chipset for excellent video quality. This TV also has a dimension of 3860 x 2160 pixels and a 60Hz refresh rate. The TV boasts a top display for immersive watching and a 95.7 per cent screen-to-body ratio when you think of the design. Furthermore, the TV’s Danish loudspeakers provide a powerful stereo experience, elevating your hearing experience to new heights.

95.7 per cent screen to body ratioResponds slowly
Excellent sound quality
Decent video quality

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7. Samsung 125 cm UA50AUE60AKLXL

Samsung 125 cm UA50AUE60AKLXL

The Samsung TV is a smart Android TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution. It has a quality of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz for excellent video quality. Furthermore, with its superior image quality and performance, the Pur hue of this TV allows the viewer to enjoy a wide variety of colours. You may also enjoy a crisp image with the Motion Xcelerator since it automatically calculates and adjusts the pixels for the source of the material. Furthermore, Q Symphony allows you to immerse yourself in audio from your TV and soundbar arranged in harmony at the same time.

Supports 4K Ultra HD resolutionsThe operating system can be slightly slow
Automatic pixel adjustment for better colour accuracy
Great after-sales service

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So there you have it: India’s top Android smart TVs. Hope that list of the leading Android TV had helped narrow down your options. Which of these Android TV is your favourite? After extensive research, analysis, and a thorough evaluation of all of them, now you can carefully select the top ones in India. So, if these Android TVs seem to match your needs well, double-check the specifications and make an informed purchase.

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Highlights of the Story

  • An Android TV can access Google Assistant, download applications and activities from the Play Store.
  • But the question is which Android TV can be your best purchase?
  • After extensive research, analysis, and a thorough evaluation of all of them, this guide lists the top Android TVs in India.