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BGMI Lite: Launch Date, Rumours, Everything You Need To Know


The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is soaring high in the gaming world as 30 Million downloads of this game are seen in India. But now, we are waiting for the latest development around the BGMI Lite release date.

- Updated: 12th May 2022, 23:10 IST
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    BGMI Lite
    • 1)BGMI Lite Release date
    • 2)BGMI Lite apk
    • 3)Basic requirements by phones
    • 4)Default gameplay settings
    • 5)Pre Registration
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BGMI Lite is said to be under development by the Ktafton, and the BGMI release date has picked quite the traction on the Internet. Smartphones with low-end specifications will be able to run the Lite version will be able to run the game seamlessly. There are no words on the release date of the game, but Krafton is definitely gearing up for the Battleground Mobile India Lite version. The company was seen doing some polls on Discord where the question was asked by the people if they would want a BGMI Lite apk for the low-end smartphones or not, and the positive response by the crowd has definitely tipped the scale towards the production of the Lite version but as stated earlier BGMI Lite launch date is still not precise even after the polling was conducted online.


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1)BGMI Lite Release date

bgmi lite launch date

The news regarding the release date of Battleground Mobile India Lite is still not clear, but Krafton is sure that there will be a lighter version on the roll soon. You can expect the game by the year-end or early 2023. Furthermore, Krafton would like to expand its user base by introducing a version of BGMI that will efficiently run on low-end phones. The BGMI Lite will be a great way for avid gamers to show their skills who own basic smartphones. Many people with limited specs will finally get an excellent chance to come into the BGMI world and experience.

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2)BGMI Lite apk

BGMI Lite apk will roll on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and maybe on other OS as well. With Lite version under development as of now, some news in the coming months can be expected by Krafton. The game will definitely be a massive launch on its most popular Android OS. We warn you that don’t harm your devices by downloading BGMI Lite apk that is provided by third-party service.

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3)Basic requirements by phones


As of now, BGMI is able to run on Android 5.1.1 and higher with 2GB RAM smartphones. We expect that the BGMI Lite apk should be able to run on phones that even have Android 4.1 and are equipped with 1GB RAM. We may also see the apk size reduced drastically, and the game fall under the 1GB size overall for the users to download it on their storage.

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4)Default gameplay settings

BGMI Lite will also have the same gameplay with the same map, guns, mods, rewards, etc. that we see on the main version. The Lite version will stick to the same performance that is seen on main version. The graphics overall maybe be reduced so that the game can run on phones with less powerful specs. There might be chances that they may launch the game with the smallest map so that the overall size of the Lite version remains less for the users to download on their phones. The developers may, later on, provide the option to download the new maps once the BGMI Lite is downloaded.

The game may also give you the option to transfer your progress data from PUBG Mobile to the BGMI Lite version so that the users of PUBG Mobile who spent money to buy in-game resources can access the same items on the Lite version as well. Let us see how things pan out for the game.

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5)Pre Registration

bgmi lite

As of now, we don’t see any notification regarding the Pre Registration of BGMI Lite by Krafton. We can expect a piece of news about the Pre Registration soon by Krafton.


As of now, we have traction on the BGMI Lite, but the information is still limited as there are only hints about the game being under development. The probability of the Lite version of the game being released this year is very low, but you can never entirely rule it out. We would suggest you subscribe to Krafton’s social media pages to get the latest development news about the BGMI release date and whatnot.

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