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    What Is CCTV? Full Form Of CCTV Explained!


    We all are aware of where CCTVs are used, but many of us don’t know what the full form of CCTV is? This article will give you an answer to this question. So, read on.

    By Nishva Gandhi | 
    Updated: 17th Jan 2023 22:45 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      CCTV Full Form Explained
    • 2
      What is the Meaning Of CCTV?
    • 3
      Why is CCTV Called Closed Circuit Television?
    • 4
      Let’s Check Out The Rich History Of CCTV
    • 5
      Components Of CCTV
    • 6
      Applications Of CCTV
    • 7
      What Type of Video Recording Technology Is Available In CCTV?
      • DVR
      • NVR
    • 8
      How Do CCTV Cameras Work?
    • 9
      Types of CCTV Systems
    • 10
      Advantages of CCTV
    • 11
      Disadvantages of CCTV
    • 12
      Epilogue – CCTV Full Form

    Highlights of the Story

    • Do you want to know the less-known interesting facts about CCTV, including the CCTV full form?
    • If yes, this article is for you.
    • Keep reading this article to get quick answers.

    Everyone knows that CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems play an essential role in improving safety and security. However, hardly a few people know the CCTV full form. This article will talk about the meaning of CCTV, its definition, and CCTV full form.

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    CCTV Full Form Explained

    CCTV Full Form

    The CCTV full form is Closed Circuit Television.

    C = Closed

    C = Circuit

    T = Tele

    V = Vision

    Now you know the full form of CCTV. Let’s understand the meaning of CCTV.

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    What is the Meaning Of CCTV?

    CCTV is a system that sends television signals to a limited number of screens and is often used in shops and public places to prevent crime. In CCTV, all the elements such as video cameras, display monitors, and recording devices are directly connected. It is used to monitor a sensitive area. The impressive thing about it is it monitors all the activities and records them.

    This CCTV uses wired or wireless transmission to send signals or broadcast to the monitor or recording device. And the best thing about CCTV is it can transmit video, audio, or both. If you employ an advanced CCTV camera at your home/office, it can also record low-light images with night vision capabilities.

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    Why is CCTV Called Closed Circuit Television?

     The video that is recorded by a CCTV camera is shown on limited display devices. These recorded signals are not publicly broadcasted. It means only a closed group or a limited number of people can access the CCTV recordings. Due to this reason, CCTV is called closed-circuit television.

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    Let’s Check Out The Rich History Of CCTV

    First, in 1942, CCTV was launched by a German engineer named Wallet Bruch. It was established to watch the launch of the V2 rocket secretly from his home. Initially, such CCTV systems could only record black and white video, but these days, the CCTV field has grown a lot.

    Today, we can record HD video from CCTV and access it from anywhere through the internet. With these recorded videos, you can zoom in/out with the help of today’s cutting-edge CCTV and can precisely identify a person or vehicle.

    Even nowadays, CCTV technology has reached that advanced level, wherewith a Face Recognition Facility can identify a particular person and inform the authority without any help from the human being. Also, HD cameras mounted on traffic signals keep a close eye on vehicles and drivers, including recording the speed of the cars. If there are any speed violations, it sends the information to the system along with recording proof.

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    Components Of CCTV

    Here are the components of CCTV.

    • Digital or Analog video recording camera
    • Recording disk
    • Display device
    • RJ connecting cables
    • Recording device

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    Applications Of CCTV

    • Airport
    • Railway station
    • Industrial plant
    • The highway
    • City road
    • Shop and multiplex
    • Bank
    • The casino
    • Corporate offices
    • Government Office and Vital Building
    • Park
    • Building and Residential Apartments
    • School and college

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    What Type of Video Recording Technology Is Available In CCTV?

    Primary two types of video recording techniques are available.


    The full form of DVR is Digital Video Recorder


    The full form of NVR is Network Video Recorder

    How Do CCTV Cameras Work?

    How Dp CCTV Cameras Works?

    To understand how a CCTV system works, let us first understand this diagram.

    Initially, CCTV cameras were used to capture live streams with the help of a lens. However, with the advancement in technology, surveillance cameras can provide higher-resolution images and videos.

    These days, even in complete darkness at night, with security cameras with colour night vision technologies, you can also see clear images in true colour.

    However, most CCTV cameras come with motion detection sensors that can trigger alarms whenever there are human movements.

    Once videos or audio are captured, CCTV surveillance cameras can transmit signals to the security camera recorders to document or replay critical moments.

    After that, DVRs or NVRs are placed in the CCTV camera system for 24*7 reliable recording. Video clips recorded in the DVR/ NVRs or SD cards can be played at any time on your mobile phone, PC, or TV monitor, even if you are far away.

    How Do CCTV works?

    In short, you will need security cameras that offer night vision and motion detection to capture HD images and videos. After that, to store pictures and videos, you will need DVRs or NVRs, and to view images and videos, you will need a Phone App, Laptop PC Client, and Web.

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    Types of CCTV Systems

    You can classify CCTV systems into different groups according to different factors.

    1. Analog
    2. Digital
    3. Network or IP
    4. Cellular surveillance cameras
    5. PoE surveillance cameras
    6. Wi-Fi surveillance cameras

    All these types of CCTVs are equally in use. However, IP cameras and digital video cameras are used with a high tendency. You can choose a type of CCTV system as per your situation.

    Today, CCTV has become a vital digital device due to increased security and productivity. So, let us understand a few advantages and disadvantages of CCTV.

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    Advantages of CCTV

    • CCTV can significantly reduce the chances of theft or robbery in the home or office.
    • It can let you monitor your office or any other place sitting at your home.
    • In case of any crime, CCTV footage can become vital evidence.
    • CCTV cameras in schools and colleges ensure children’s security. It ensures that the children on campus remain safe in every way.
    • These days, night vision CCTV cameras can even record clear videos during the night.

    Disadvantages of CCTV

    • The most significant disadvantage of CCTV cameras is that people often install CCTV cameras without telling others. Therefore, it can endanger the privacy of others.
    • Due to rain and dust, the camera is often spoiled. It can cost a lot when it comes to its maintenance.

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    Epilogue – CCTV Full Form

    While the usage of CCTV systems for commercial surveillance is still an ethical issue, you should not overlook that its presence maximizes the security for you, your consumers, and employees alike. Just like every other business, of course, there will be some pros and cons of installing CCTV systems, but the robust system will intact your business or home privacy without letting you down.

    There is no doubt that CCTV’s latest trends and technological improvements are way beyond what the traditional CCTV system was. With how CCTV technology is changing, soon we will have another terminology. However, the full form of CCTV might remain the same.

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