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    Everything You Need To Know About Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming FAU-G Game


    FAU-G, the Indian alternative to PUBG is expected to release later this month. The game is a third-person shooter and will not have the battle royale mode at launch.

    By Yeti - 
    22nd Oct 2020

    Highlights of the Story

    • FAU-G is said to release by the end of this month
    • The battle royale mode will not be available at launch
    • The game will be a third-person shooter

    The FAU-G launch date in India has not been announced by its publisher yet. The publisher of the game is a Bangalore-based company called nCore Games. Moreover, a teaser of the game has also not been launched. This makes it difficult to say how the game will ultimately turn out. Also, the fact that there has not been a teaser for the game could indicate that the expected October release of the game could be postponed.

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    nCore Games’ co-founder, Vishal Gondal and Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar announced FAU-G last month. The game was announced after PUBG was banned in India and removed from Android and iOS app stores.

    FAU-G: Release Date

    Like we said earlier, the game is yet to be announced in India by nCore Games, its publisher. However, the game will most likely land by the end of October, as per previous reports. Moreover, the game was in works for months even before PUBG got banned in India.

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    Many people are saying that the game will be a rip-off of PUBG to replace it in the country. However, Vishal Gondal claims that it is not the case. Additionally, FAU-G will reportedly have a unique third-person playstyle. It is very difficult to say anything more at the point. Moreover, since the game has not even had a teaser yet, it could mean the launch could get postponed. The COVID crisis definitely saw a lot of delays and it won’t be surprising to see the game get delayed.

    FAU-G: Gameplay

    According to Vishal Gondal, FAU-G will not launch with a battle royale initially. This will immediately set the game apart from PUBG. However, players can expect to see the battle royale game mode get introduced in the game initially. However, for the most part, it will be a simple third-person action shooter game.

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    Additionally, FAU-G will have a level on the Galwan Valley at launch. Furthermore, this will offer a single-player as well as a cooperative multiplayer option. Vishal Gondal states that the point of the game is primarily for players to experience what went down in Galwan Valley. Additionally, the third-person FAU-G game will not have guns initially to stick to the concept of the bilateral agreement between India and China in 1996. So, FAU-G will mostly deliver a third person brawler with melee weapons. This immediately indicates that the game will not be a point and shoot one. It will rather demand tactical strategies to emerge victorious. Also, FAU-G will offer guided maps and enemy camps to defeat with skills and melee weapons.

    Although it will be difficult for PUBG players to move on to this game initially, it will definitely be worth the try. From the looks of it, the game definitely looks quite promising and we will hopefully see the game land by the end of this month.


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