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Trending Instagram Audio Download: 3 Quick Ways!


Confused about how to download the audio from the trending ones on Instagram? Well, with our three easy and quick ways, you can say goodbye to this confusion forever. Read more to know the step-by-step method to download Instagram audio.

- Updated: 4th Feb 2023, 17:02 IST
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    Step By Step Guide For Free Instagram Audio Download
    • 1. Using Audio Converter
    • 2. By Changing the Extension File Name
    • 3. Online Websites
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    Synopsis: Free Instagram Audio Download

Instagram reels are the rage in today’s time. There would be hardly anyone who is unaware of some of the amazing music and trending audio that these reels and videos bring to our notice. However, are you still unaware of how to download the Instagram audio? In this article, we look into methods of Instagram audio download that would resolve your query.

trending audio download

Some of these audios are created by mixing two or more audio from different genres, languages, singers, etc. What makes them even more amazing is they start to gain more traction for our profile.

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Using trending audio is another way to increase engagement on the profile. The more popular audio you use, the more the chances of your reels getting discovered. Additionally, it keeps you on the toes for the latest trend and you can create content depending on it all. If you are not sure about how to find the trending audio on Instagram, then go through our article in the link below to know more about it.

How To Find Trending Reel Songs On Instagram?

On understanding the need for Instagram audio for our reels and videos, it’s time for us to look into how audio download on Instagram can take place.

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Step By Step Guide For Free Instagram Audio Download

Firstly, let’s get straight to the point that there are not just single but multiple ways of Instagram audio download. We shall enlist all of them separately with step by step process involved in it to make them more usable.

1. Using Audio Converter

instagram audio download convertio

An audio converter can also be of potential help if you are looking towards an Instagram audio download. However, there is one additional step that is involved here which involves downloading the video on your device and then proceeding further. Here are the steps involved.

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  • Go to the Instagram Reel that you want to download. Here, press three dots on the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Copy Link and use this link to download the video on your system.
  • Hit Download to get the video saved on your device.
  • Next, go to an audio converter such as Convertio and drop the saved file as per the requirement shown on the screen.

This fetches you the audio, thus assisting you with the Instagram audio download.

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2. By Changing the Extension File Name

This process is available only for the Android user as you can directly change the extension name and you are good to go.

  • Step 1: Go to Instagram and download the Instagram reel to your device by the process mentioned in the section above.
  • Step 2: Now, all you need to do is to Search Files on your phone and navigate to Downloads.
  • Step 3: Long press the video and select the Rename option when the select list of menus pops up.
  • Step 4: Change the .mp4 written at the end of the text to .mp4 to complete the conversion process. Instagram audio gets downloaded to your device without many processes involved.

PS: You cannot use this process for iOS.

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3. Online Websites

online website

Using online websites is one of the simplistic ways of downloading Instagram audio. Here, you need to download the video or the reel and then start the entire process. Here’s how you can go forward with it.

  • Open the reel from which you would require the audio.
  • Tap the three dots available at the bottom of the screen. Select Copy Link.
  • Open an online audio converter such as InstaVideoSave that helps convert your reel directly into an MP3 download. It works well over any mobile operating system, tabs, laptop, and PC.

There are similar other websites such as Instagram Reels Audio Downloader and InstaDownloader to name a few. They can help you convert your reel/ video directly into audio format.

It caters to your demand for Instagram audio download without any hassle and inconvenience to the user.

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Synopsis: Free Instagram Audio Download

Downloading Instagram audio directly on the device serves you many purpose. For instance, when you have a audio ready for use, you can use any kind of editor to start high-quality editing. This otherwise becomes next to impossible as rendering Instagram audio while editing them on software is problematic.

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While you can do this task while editing your reel on the Instagram app, many professional and good editors suggest the use of quality software that will enhance your video multifold.

The benefits of using trending tunes with your reels have already been explained to you in the introductory section. If you are looking to grow the followers count with time, then these techniques of free Instagram audio download and editing may come to be of great help to you.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Instagram audio download can prove to be a helpful way to render trending audio straight to your device.
  • This can be further used to make video editing along with the music possible on third-party software.
  • Our article helps you understand different ways in which this audio can be downloaded from Instagram.