Grab these Camera Accessories Deals this Amazon ShutterBug Sale!


Just having a mobile or a camera is not enough. You definitely do need certain accessories to reach a whole new level of awesomeness when it comes to photography or vlogging. These accessories will surely help you a lot in doing so!

By Sagnik Dasgupta - 
Updated: 16th Jan 2023 15:17 IST

Amazon ShutterBug Fest Sale 2022 is here and this may be your chance to get a camera. However, having a camera is sometimes not enough to take your dream shots or make your vlogging ideas a reality. For that, you need something extra. Good news is that the Amazon ShutterBug Sale offers multiple discounts and offers on camera accessories as well. We have made a list of the absolute best deals for you to grab during the sale so check them out!

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1. DIGITEK 12-inch LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

It’s a 12-inch tripod stand that doubles down as a ring light. The ring light consists of 120 LED bulbs that offer great lighting for your videos. Additionally, there are 10 different modes to change the ring light brightness as per your preference. An easy recommendation for mobile vloggers and reelers this Amazon ShutterBug Fest Sale 2022!

Why Need it?

Ring lights are the most conveniently stylish things to use nowadays. They instantly have a magical way of turning your otherwise boring videos into something super aesthetic altogether. Yes, there is that circular effect that reflects from your eyes. But, the overall lighting in your video instantly looks significantly better.

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Besides, you must have come across a variety of different reels in both Instagram and Facebook that showcase the use of ring lights. A very good example of how aesthetic ring lights can be is the pretty recent Infinity song trend.

Rs. 2,995Rs. 1,599

Buy Here!

2. DJI OM4 SE Smartphone Gimbal

The DJI OM4 SE smartphone gimbal is a product which, if you don’t own one, will not know the importance of. Smartphone cameras are more powerful now than we ever thought would be. In fact, for so many people, smartphone serves as their primary camera and not a DSLR. Many vloggers prefer vlogging from their mobile devices itself. This is exactly where this gimbal comes in to make your life easier this Amazon ShutterBug Sale!

This is not just any smartphone gimbal. It offers a magnetic connector and also a Spin Shot mode to make things extra professional. There is 3-axis stabilisation which allows you to capture super smooth videos. Then comes in the 2,450mAh battery which offers a great backup. Additionally, there is a hitchcock effect which brings a creative zoom shot to your videography arsenal. The android app for the gimbal also offers way more features than ANY gimbal out there.

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Why Need it?

A gimbal basically acts as what one may call an external OIS sensor. OIS or Optical Image Stabilisation sensors are basically used in a premium smartphone’s camera to stabilise shakes and jerks when capturing a video. This external gimbal will do exactly that and significantly reduce these shakes. So, you can basically walk around vlogging with your smartphone attached to this gimbal and it will stabilise each and every shake along the way. The result? You get to see a professional looking smooth video.

Rs. 10,000Rs. 8,949

Buy Here!

3. DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod for DSLR

The Amazon ShutterBug Sale 2022 also has an offer on an amazing tripod for you to grab. The DIGITEK DTR 550 LW is a fan favourite tripod in the under Rs. 3,000 segment. However, the price comes down significantly during the sale. Besides, it is a whopping 67-inch tripod stand and the sturdy form of the tripod makes it all the more worth it. Easily one of the best accessories you can get for your DSLR.

Why Need it?

There is probably not a single professional photographer out there that does not use a tripod for stylish photographs. You have surely come across pictures of kingfishers grabbing a fish from the tip of a lake or a starry night or light streaks. All of these are basically impossible if your camera is not placed on a tripod. This is the magic of a camera’s shutter speed.

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However, for the results to look stunning, your camera should not move even one bit. The tripod helps you in doing that. There are tons of other uses of a tripod. Get this one from the ongoing Amazon ShutterBug Sale and see the difference in your shots instantly!

Rs. 2,495Rs. 1,499

Buy Here!

4. Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabiliser for DSLR & Mirrorless Camera

This is basically a handheld gimbal for your DSLR and Mirrorless Camera. It comes in handy especially if you hate using the tripod and carrying the massive thing everywhere. This is way more compact and super effective as a premium gimbal.

Why Need it?

Just like the DJI OM4 SE smartphone gimbal, the Zhiyun Weebill S Compact is a gimbal stabiliser for DSLRs. The utility is basically exactly the same. This gimbal will be stabilising your videos and you can get even more creative with it than you would with a tripod. So, why not get it this Amazon ShutterBug Sale?

Rs. 35,000Rs. 24,860

Buy Here!

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5. DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo

You are not wrong in taking the Combo word seriously here. It does offer something super extra and justifies the price tag it carries. Moreover, this is a DJI product so yes, it just HAD to make it to the list. For starters, this is not just gimbal. It has a high-quality premium video camera attached to it as well.

Moreover, it is pocket sized so you can easily carry it ANYWHERE! It can easily fit in the palm of your hand just like a mic. Talking about mics, this also has a quad microphone setup. This setup is backed by the brand’s proprietary DJI Matrix Stereo sound which allows you to capture sound from all directions.

The camera allows you to capture 64-megapixel photos and 4K videos. There are a lot of other things going on with this product which you definitely need to try for yourself. All-in-all, a super handy camera and an accessory at the same time which is easy to recommend this Amazon ShutterBug Sale!

Why Need it?

There are a million different reasons to get this, especially if you are a blogger. Not only is this a gimbal but there is a camera attached as well. So, you get an all-in-one product that takes care of all your vlogging needs on the go. Besides, the entire format of this is so compact that it is super easy to carry anywhere as well. Don’t go by its size. It can do BIG things for you!

Rs. 44,990Rs. 41,890

Buy Here!

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We hope these deals allow you to find the equipment you need and gear up to go out vlogging full power!


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Highlights of the Story
  • Amazon ShutterBug Fest Sale is here and brings several offers on cameras and camera accessories!
  • From gimbals for smartphones and DSLRs to tripods and even a creator combo, there is something for everyone in it.
  • In this article, we talk about the best deals on camera accessories during the ongoing sale.

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