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    How To Create And Use Email Templates In Gmail


    Typing the same email, again and again, is an annoying job. Even copy-pasting seems frustrating in some instances. You don’t need to have access to an expensive email marketing tool to automate the emailing process and create templates. Gmail also offers the same feature for free. You can save up to 50 templates in your Gmail account. You can easily create email templates by following a few simple steps. From creating the right template to using it and even deleting the templates, you are getting insights into all the methods here.

    By Akhil Taneja - 
    4th Oct 2020
    Email Templates In Gmail

    Highlights of the Story

    • Email Templates are a powerful tool to create quick emails that have similar content and structure
    • Gmail features the email template feature and everyone who sends a lot of marketing emails should use this
    • Here’s how to create, edit, modify and delete Gmail templates

    Are you tired of typing the same email over and over again? Let’s face it! Many of us already know how irritating it seems. In some instances, even copy-pasting also feels like a hard thing. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as you have made it to the right place.

    Here we are going to give you some easy hacks to create email templates on Gmail. So, scroll through and learn how to create and use email templates in Gmail.

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    Why use Email Templates?

    There are many day jobs where people need to send the same email to different persons repeatedly. In those cases, creating a simple email template can actually save a lot of time. For example, the amount of emails SEO professionals need to send for link building outreach programs is huge.

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    Most of those emails are quite the same, with differences only in 10-15 words. So, an email template can be a feasible option in that case. Now, there are some expensive tools available in the market. But neither those are affordable to everyone nor investing that money is that necessary. Therefore, if you are one of those guys who need to send the same email regularly, these easy tricks will save your money and a lot of time. Let’s dig in!

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    How to create and use email templates in Gmail?

    Before you start to use Gmail templates, there are a few things that you need to know. You will have to know how to enable the Gmail template feature, create a template, and insert the newly created template on your email.

    However, we have got all your queries resolved. Go through the step by step process below and learn how to create and use email templates in Gmail.

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    How to enable templates in Gmail?

    The first step of creating and using email templates in Gmail consists of enabling the feature. Follow each of the steps below one by one.

    Step 1: Firstly, you need to login to Gmail 

    Step 2: Then open your inbox and select the Gear icon available at the top-right corner; it will open the Quick Settings option

    Step 3: Now, to open the settings of your Gmail account, you need to select the See all settings tab

    Step 4: As the settings open, navigate to the Advanced tab

    Step 5: Then, scroll down and locate the Templates option

    Step 6: Finally, click on the Enable option and select Save changes from below

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    How to create a Gmail template?

    Once you successfully enable the template option from your Gmail settings, you can create and save new templates. Follow the easy steps below to get the job done.

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account

    Step 2: Now, click on the Compose button 

    Step 3: Then, under the New Message window, type in the message you want to save in the template

    Step 4: Now, locate the More Options tab with three dots from below

    Step 5: Then, select the Templates option from the list

    Step 6: Now, click on the Save draft as Template option and again select Save as a new template

    Step 7: As the new menu pops up, enter the name by which you want to save the template and click on the Save button

    Now you know how to create email templates on Gmail, but what about using them? We are going to discuss that only in the below portion of the article.

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    How to use email templates on Gmail?

    As you have successfully saved all the email templates, now it’s time to check out the steps on how to use them. Here are the steps you must follow,

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account and open inbox

    Step 2: Now, from the left pane, click on the Compose button at the top

    Step 3: As the New Message window opens, click on the More Options button with three dots

    Step 4: Then, from the list of options, select Templates

    Step 5: Finally, select the exact template you need to use from the list of templates available under the Insert Templates tab

    Gmail allows you to save 50 templates at maximum. Since the space is limited, there will be a time when you will need to edit or delete certain templates you don’t regularly use. Here’s how to delete an existing email template on Gmail.

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    How to delete an existing email template on Gmail?

    Whenever your email templates’ list on Gmail gets full, you can short out the one you don’t use much and make space for the one you often use. So, deleting the unused one is the best option. The steps below are going to help you to do the job.

    Step 1: Very similar to the previous instances; firstly, login to your Gmail account with the right credentials

    Step 2: Once you log in, click on the Compose button with a plus sign from the top left corner of the window

    Step 3: Then, click on the More options menu

    Step 4: Click on the Templates option there

    Step 5: Now, on the menu, click on Delete template

    Step 6: Finally, select the templates you want to delete from your list

    What if you need to edit and save an existing template? That is also possible. Have a look at the last method to know about that.

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    How to edit and save templates already existing on Gmail?

    Follow the steps below to edit and overwrite an existing email template.

    Step 1: Firstly, insert the template you want to edit following the method we have suggested above

    Step 2: Then, make the changes in the template as you wish

    Step 3: Now, click the More Options tab and select Templates

    Step 4: Then, click on Save draft as a template option

    Step 5: Now, under the Overwrite Template menu bar, choose the template you want to overwrite

    Step 6: Finally, click on the Save button to overwrite the email template

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