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How To Extend Your Smartwatch Battery Life? Best Battery Tips!


Learn how to extend your smartwatch battery. With practical tips on firmware updates, power saving mode modes, and overall efficiency, this article ensures your smartwatch lasts longer without compromising its smart features.

- Updated: 21st Mar 2024, 00:01 IST
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    Amazing Battery Tips To Extend Your Smartwatch Battery
    • Connectivity
    • Firmware And Updates
    • Motion Sensors And Fitness Tracking
    • Power Saving Mode
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How Can I Make My Smartwatch Battery Last Longer?
    • Why Is My Smartwatch Battery Draining So Fast?
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    Wrapping Up

Are you looking for ways to extend your Smartwatch Battery? If yes, this article is your answer! A smartwatch is a worthy partner that is there to keep you updated, monitor your health, and give you the functionality and convenience that you need.

But then, imagine that you are halfway through your day and the watch that used to promise a week’s usage now gives up on you in the middle! Horrible, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want anyone to face this trouble. Chances are, your smartwatch battery may be draining for a lot of reasons and you may not even know why. So in this article, I am going to tell you amazing ways to extend the battery of your smartwatch and make it long-lasting!

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Amazing Battery Tips To Extend Your Smartwatch Battery

So here are the ways that can help you improve the life of your Smartwatch in the long run. I am going to discuss these ways in detail to give you a clear understanding of what should be done.


So we all know that in order to receive important notifications, our smartwatch needs to be connected to our smartphone. But there are times when you are not doing anything important or just purely focusing on your work. In this situation, if you think that it’s not required that you want to get notified about every text, turn off the Bluetooth and disconnect the watch.

This will help you in saving some extra juice and further enhance the battery capacity of your smartwatch. This small step can go a long way and your smartwatch will always be ready to connect to your smartphone whenever needed.

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Firmware And Updates

I can’t emphasize this enough. It is super enough to make sure that your smartwatch is running on the latest firmware and updates. There are updates that a lot of times includes improvements on battery optimisations. So in this way, they end up helping you to extend your smartwatch battery.

You can check the updates and firmware by either going to the Smartwatch’s settings or connect your watch to the phone and then check it from there. It all depends on the smartwatch your are using. So the next time you see that your watch is not updated to the latest firmware, make sure to do it whenever you get a chance. It will make a huge difference!

Motion Sensors And Fitness Tracking

I know that a lot of smartwatches these days are offering great features. These features include Rise to Wake, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring, and much more! Although these features are interesting but they drain your smartwatch’s battery if used for a long period. So in case you are not in the need for the 24/7 health monitoring like for times when you are not wearing the watch, you can simply switch off the feature. Even the Rise to Wake features, it comes handy when you are driving, bu that’s just it.

By learning to activate these features strategically based on your preferences and usage can drastically help to extend your smartwatch battery.

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Power Saving Mode

Now this one is a plus in critical situation. When you feel that you might need your smartwatch and you don’t have enough partner, you can actually turn on the Battery Saving Mode. In this mode, your smartwatch will only perform critical functions but will save the battery life for a longer durations.

Consider this like an emergency button of your smartwatch just like we have this in our smartphones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some quick question that will give you even more clarity about this issue:

How Can I Make My Smartwatch Battery Last Longer?

Apart from the mentioned tips in this article, focus on the screen’s power usage. In Settings > Display & Brightness, lower the brightness, turn off Always On display, switch off Wake on Wrist Raise, and pick a shorter Wake Duration. These tweaks can significantly extend your smartwatch’s battery life.

Why Is My Smartwatch Battery Draining So Fast?

It happens when there are lots of activities like notifications, GPS, music, or constant heart rate monitoring. Also, a very bright screen uses up a lot of battery. To save power, turn off unnecessary notifications or use Silent mode.

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Wrapping Up

By knowing different ways to extend your smartwatch battery, you can actually extend the life of your smartwatch. Simply analyse the usage of your smartwatch and make sure that you are using it strategically. Your watch is your buddy that is with you at all times just like your smartphone. By applying these tips, you can use it to the fullest.

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And if want to make sure that you don’t forget to charge your smartwatch and never run out of battery, make sure to schedule your charging time. You can also set a reminder on your phone to charge it once a week or so. Let me know what you think of the above tips mentioned in the article in the comment section below. I would love to hear it from you!

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Highlights of the Story

  1. The article highlights how to extend your smartwatch battery by adjusting your smartwatch screen settings like brightness and duration.
  2. Know the tips and tricks to a long-lasting battery life and always stay connected to your smartwatch.
  3. Explore some frequently asked questions to clear things out and understand the battery consumption of your smartwatch.

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