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    This Windows 10 How To Record Screen Guide Will Make Life Easy!


    Windows 10 has a lot of tools up its sleeve and the Xbox Game Bar is one such amazing feature. Did you know that you could use the Game Bar to record your screen on Windows 10? Check this Windows 10 how to record screen guide to know everything!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 30th Apr 2022 20:52 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar – What is it?
    • 2
      How To Record Screen On Windows 10
    • 3
      How To Record Screen On Windows 10 Via Xbox Game Bar FAQs
      • How to enable Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10?
      • How do I change location of where my recordings are saved?
      • How can I turn on Game Mode on Windows 10?
      • How do I change the video and audio quality of my recordings?

    Highlights of the Story

    • If you are wondering about how to record screen on Windows 10, it can be easily done for free.
    • Microsoft offers an in-built Xbox Game Bar to cater to the needs of all budding gamers, which includes recording your screen as well.
    • This Windows 10 how to record screen guide will show you how to use this Game Bar to your advantage!

    You are probably here because you were all set to kickstart your journey on Youtube as a gamer but, did not know how to record your screen. Don’t worry, this Windows 10 how to record screen guide will ensure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to do so easily. In fact, Windows 10 allows you to do so for a 100 per cent free.

    Take it from us, you don’t need to jam your storage with all the so-called “free” screen recorders out there. Sure, there are a couple of reliable recorders out there. However, most of these recorders “claim” to offer you their services for free. The cost? You can’t record your screen beyond a time limit and that restricts you terribly. Why look anywhere else when Windows 10 offers you their very own tool to do so.

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    Yes, we are talking about the Xbox Game Bar. Gone are the days when you have to put your nose to the grindstone looking for free screen recorders. The advent of Windows 10 changed it all. This Windows 10 how to record screen guide will show you how to use this Game Bar and record your screen in just a few easy steps. Before that, let us first take a sneak peak into what exactly Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is.

    Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar – What is it?

    The Xbox Game Bar is an in-built gamer-centric tool in Windows 10. It allows gamers to make the most out of their gaming experience if they are looking to capture videos and screenshots to share. In this way, gamers do not need to look anywhere else. All they have to do is access the Game Bar using the Windows + G key shortcut to summon it. Then, they can use it’s features for free.

    Besides, as mentioned before, it is completely free. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. There are no hidden charges or membership fees of any sort. You can use the Game Bar’s screen record, screenshot and streaming functionalities right away.

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    Now, without any further ado, let us move on to the question of the hour, that is, how to record your screen on Windows 10?

    How To Record Screen On Windows 10

    You do not have to worry about downloading the Game Bar tool separately or anything as such. The tool is built into Windows 10 and is right there and ready for you to use whenever you want to. It is one of the best tools to record your screen on Windows 10. So, let us jump right into how you can do that!

    Step 1: Firstly, you will need to open the application that you want to record. Do note that the Xbox Game Bar does not record programs like File Manager or your entire Desktop. However, it works with your regular desktop applications and the ones that you download from Microsoft Store.

    Step 2: Once you have opened the desired application, press the Windows Key and G simultaneously. This shortcut will instantly summon the Xbox Game Bar dialogue.

    Step 3: The dialogue will ask whether you want to open the Game Bar. You will see a checkbox with the “Yes, this is a game” dialogue beside it. Click on this checkbox.

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    Step 4: As soon as the Game Bar appears, you will see the Start Recording Button denoted by a big red dot. Click on this. You can also use the Windows + Alt + R shortcut to start recording. If you want to take a screenshot, use the Camera icon instead. You can also use the Windows + Alt + PrntScn shortcut.

    Step 5: When you want to stop the recording, just click on the red recording bar at the top right corner of your screen.

    With this, you have successfully recorded your screen. Wasn’t the answer to how to record screen on Windows 10 rather easy? Now, you may be wondering how to find your screen recordings on Windows 10. You just have to head over to the Videos folder of your desktop or laptop. Here, there will be a subfolder called Captures. In here, you shall find your screen recordings in .mp4 format.

    How To Record Screen On Windows 10 Via Xbox Game Bar FAQs

    Although you have most probably successfully recorded your screen using the Game Bar, there are chances that you run into a couple issues. Here’s a quick look at certain important questions and the answers to them.

    How to enable Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10?

    In order to enable the Xbox Game Bar in your Windows 10 PC:

    • Press the Windows key to summon the Start Menu
    • Locate the Settings panel icon right above the power options icon and click on it.
    • Find the Gaming option in the Settings panel and click on it.
    • Select the Game Bar from the left options panel
    • Toggle it ON in case it isn’t

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    How do I change location of where my recordings are saved?

    The Game Bar is designed in such a way that you can’t really change the location of the recordings as such. They will be saved in the Captures folder under the Videos section. Good thing is that since it is designed in such a way, all you have to do is move the Captures folder to wherever you want your recordings to be saved. The recordings will still get saved under the Captures folder.

    How can I turn on Game Mode on Windows 10?

    In order to turn on Game Mode on Windows 10, head over to Start Menu > Settings > Gaming > Game Mode > Toggle ON.

    How do I change the video and audio quality of my recordings?

    You will find all the options to change the video and audio quality of your recordings in one place. Find all of these settings and customisation options under Start Menu > Settings > Gaming > Captures.

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