If you are looking for Instagram APK download in simple and easy-to-perform steps, then you have landed at the correct spot. You need not worry anymore as we surf deep into the details and step-by-step procedure of it all. Before we start, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what APKs are and…2023-01-19 23:05:38Instagram APK Download: 3 Easy Ways For It!

Instagram APK Download: 3 Easy Ways For It!


If you have been wandering from site to site looking for some APK downloads for Instagram and the mod version of the original app, then here is your destination. Understand the terminologies and steps involved in Instagram APK download.

Updated: 19th Jan 2023, 23:05 IST
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    What is APK?
    • Is it safe to download APK files?
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    What is an Instagram APK?
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    How To Download APK for Instagram?
    • Guide for Instagram APK Download
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If you are looking for Instagram APK download in simple and easy-to-perform steps, then you have landed at the correct spot. You need not worry anymore as we surf deep into the details and step-by-step procedure of it all.

Before we start, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what APKs are and why they are needed. Our next few sections remain dedicated to it.

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What is APK?

Android Package Kit (APK) is the set of relatable files that handles application installation in the Android operating system. Generally, people use Google Play Store to download the application, and these APK files get downloaded with the application without us getting to know them solely.

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However, as Android is an open system, it is also possible to install applications on the system other than the Play Store. This means you can directly source the set of APK files and packages from the developer of the application without taking the help of the application store.

If you wish to explore the content of APK files, you might need the ZIP decompression tool that helps you access individual files (comprising of codes and multiple source assets) present within the ZIP files.

Is it safe to download APK files?

While most of these APK files become a part of our system even with downloads with Google Play, it is highly recommended that one does not source APK files into their system from an unverified source.

These source files could be laden with malware that could infect your system. In turn, this may cause potential security threats and data breaches (at times).

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What is an Instagram APK?


Instagram APK are the new applications for Android OS that are developed based on the features and improvisation of the original Instagram App. For instance, you might not have the option to zoom into a picture by double tapping in the Instagram app. However, there is an APK download for Instagram that makes this possible. We shall delve deep into them in upcoming sections.

How To Download APK for Instagram?

instagram apk

Before understanding how you can download APK for Instagram, let’s try to understand why you need an APK in the first place when you have an authentic Instagram application.

Many people question the need for an Instagram APK download, and that’s quite legible. However, it is crucial to understand that these APK files offer something extra as a part of the package that the original Instagram application does not!

By extras, we mean some added advantages, features, and utilities not present in the Instagram app. Developers come up with similar improvisation needed in the application and come up with their version of APK files for Instagram. These features may not be a part of the actual app.

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Guide for Instagram APK Download

Firstly, understand that APK download depends on the type of app you want to download and from which source. Downloading Instagram APK may not be as difficult as it seems. Following a simple series of steps will work fine. Let’s see what the different Instagram APK download that you can go for:

1. Instander


The mod app by Instagram by the name of Instander has unique features that differentiate them well from the original Instagram app. If you are looking to download the original Instander account, you must get rid of the actual Instagram app (if present) on your phone by uninstalling it.

However, with the clone version, you can keep the original Instagram application along with the Instander app. The application is 100 per cent safe to use, and the account details are not compromised. Additionally, once downloaded, you can change the settings as per the mod app offerings.

Here are some of the key specifications:

  • Download stories, photos, and videos directly on the device
  • Ads-free content experience
  • Tap and zoom picture to see them in detail
  • Read, write, or view stories anonymously
  • Keeps tab on non-mutual followers
  • Customise the developer option directly via the app
  • Upload high-quality videos and pictures

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Steps to download Instander:

-> Click the developer site link and press Download.

-> Choose Repository or Telegram. The latter takes you to a telegram group from which you can attain the downloads.

-> Select Original or Clone as per your requirement.

-> Press Install to start the installation. The app gets ready to use

-> Add your credentials to start using the platform.

You will come across features like Ghost Mode, Gestures, Downloads, Privacy, and Quality improvements, that are not available on the original Instagram application.

2. InstaPro APK Version

instapro instagram apk download

InstaPro can prove to be another helpful tool for Instagram APK download. The steps to install the app is quite simple, and it offers multiple features and benefits:

  • Ads free content navigation
  • View the profile picture of any account
  • Zoom into the profile picture and download it
  • Save reels video in a single tap
  • Greater chat privacy

Steps to download InstaPro:

-> Click the link to download InstaPro APK version.

-> The download starts on the phone. Once downloaded, tap Open > Install

The application is good to use!

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3. GB Instagram APK

gb instagram

The APK download is absolutely free and provides user satisfaction on different levels too. It can easily be downloaded on any Android device. However, for PC-based downloads, you might also require an Android emulator.

Key Features of GB Instagram:

  • Easy customization and one can choose from different themes and styles.
  • Copy the caption and paste it directly via the app.
  • Ensures privacy while watching stories or reading messages.
  • Use an auto translator to translate different languages from the messages

Steps to download GB Instagram:

-> Click on the link to start downloading.

-> Press Install and wait for the installation to get completed.

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While it is always suggested to use the official Instagram app, there may be some times when you may need the help of these mod apps in the form of APK downloads to use the features that are not provided originally.

It comes as a part of Android OS and hence can be downloaded on it. Do not try experimenting much with other OS, which can lead to dysfunctions in the OS itself or wastage in storage space. Use these apps only when there is a substantial need.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram APK download can be done on the Android operating system.
  • They are also mod versions of the app as they improvise over the original Instagram app.
  • Even the original Instagram app download that takes place over Android comes under the category.
  • Here are some of the other apps that can help you perform the same task as Instagram with some additional features too.

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