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    iPhone 13 Price Comparison in Different Countries: Where to Get the Cheapest


    Apple launched its next-gen iPhone 13 series last year and this is how the latest iPhone 13 series is priced worldwide. Let us look at the prices of the four countries compared to India:

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    Updated: 13th Jun 2022 15:55 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      Countries Where You Can Buy iPhone 13 at the Cheapest Prices
      • 1. United States of America (USA) – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries
      • 2. Canada – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries
      • 3. Australia – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries
      • 4. UAE – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries
      • 5. Japan-iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries
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      Price of the iPhone 13 Series in Different Parts of the World

    Highlights of the Story

    • Due to local taxes, the prices of the newly launched iPhone 13 smartphones are quite high.
    • The cost of the vanilla iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini don’t have many differences in the different countries.
    • You can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing it from the US, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE and other places.

    People worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of Apple’s new iPhone 13 Plus and for iPhone 13 price in different countries, which was just announced. However, as of now, buyers in some parts of the world will have to pay a significantly higher price for the new iPhone 13 than in other parts of the world. This price increase can almost double what the new iPhone 13 can cost in a tightly competitive market like Brazil and India.

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    Price comparison of the new iPhone 13 price in different countries has now been released. According to the list, the United States is the cheapest area to buy any model of the iPhone 13 series. However, in some countries, such as Brazil, you may not wish to get an iPhone. Some iPhone models are sold at their maximum price in Brazil. Over the years, the pattern has been observed on several iPhone models.

    The smartphones will be available in India from September 24, 2021. The iPhone 13 is priced at Rs 79,900 für 128 GB in India, with the iPhone 13 mini being the most affordable option at Rs 69,900.

    The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, on the other hand, are priced at Rs 1,19,900 and Rs 1,29,000, respectively.

    We’ll discuss below which countries are the best place to buy iPhone 13 at the lowest price.

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    Countries Where You Can Buy iPhone 13 at the Cheapest Prices

    Apple iPhone 13

    Apple iPhones are cheaper in many other regions of the world than in India due to lower taxes and duties. The new Apple iPhone 13 is more affordable in the following countries. Only the 128GB storage capacity has been compared in terms of price.

    CountryUnited StatesCanadaAustraliaUAEIndia
    iPhone 13 Mini (128GB)US$ 699/ Rs 51,470CAD$ 949/ Rs 55, 146A$ 1199/ Rs 64, 705AED 2999/ Rs 65,672Rs 69,900
    iPhone 13 (128GB)US$799/ Rs 58,833CAD$1099 / Rs 63,863A$1349/ Rs 72,800AED 3399/ Rs 74,431Rs 79,900
    iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)US$ 999/ Rs 73,560CAD$1399/ Rs 81,296A$1699/ Rs 91,688AED 4199/ Rs 91,950Rs 1,19,900
    iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB)
    US$ 1099/ Rs 80,924CAD$1549/ Rs 90,013A$1849/ Rs 99,783AED 4699/ Rs 1,02,899Rs 1,29,900

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    1. United States of America (USA) – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries

    The USA is the home of the iPhone, and of course, iPhones would be available at the lowest prices here. The base variant of the iPhone 13 mini with 128GB storage, for instance, retails in the US for $699, which rounds up to around Rs. 51,470. Even if you include state taxes, which are as low as 7 per cent in Florida, one can buy iPhone 13 Pro Max at about Rs 90,000 in the US, which would be cheaper by Rs 40,000 compared to Indian prices.

    2. Canada – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries

    Canada would be the second place to consider after the US, as Canada’s prices are almost similar. The iPhone mini would cost you CAD$ 949, around up to Rs. 55,146. Importing the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Canada will save you around Rs 40,000.

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    3. Australia – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries

    Australia would be your next stop to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone would cost you less than one lakh and save you around Rs. 30,000. The price for the top model iPhone in Australia is almost 33 per cent less than in India. The rest of the iPhones from the series are also available at lower prices.

    4. UAE – iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries

    Due to the negligible taxes in the UAE, the prices of iPhones are considerably lower when compared to India. iPhone 13 prices in UAE are very similar, or you can say the same in Australia. If you don’t have any relatives in Australia, you can ask your relatives living in the UAE to bring one new iPhone. Like Australia, you can save 33 per cent on the top model.

    5. Japan-iPhone 13 Price in Different Countries

    Japan has some of the most affordable iPhone 13 versions in the world. The costs of the iPhone 13 devices in Japan are comparable to those in the United States, as you can see below.

    • 86,800 yen (Rs 57,979) for the iPhone 13 mini,
    • 98,800 yen (Rs 65,994) is the starting price for the iPhone 13,
    • 122,800 yen (Rs 82,026) for the iPhone 13 Pro,
    • 134,800 yen (Rs 90,041) for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    Price of the iPhone 13 Series in Different Parts of the World

    iPhone 13 Pro

    This concludes our look at Apple’s iPhone 13-series pricing in 15 various countries across the globe. While the iPhone 13 variants will be the most costly in Brazil or Turkey, Apple’s home nation will have much cheaper pricing than the entire globe for the same variants. Do you intend to purchase one of the latest iPhone 13 models?

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    If so, which model are you planning to purchase, but how much does it cost in your country of residence? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. Furthermore, you can compare the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 12 on our website to ensure that you are making an educated purchase choice.

    That being said, we certainly do hope that the iPhone 14 series of smartphones land soon. Going by the fact that they pretty much broke the internet even before the iPhone 13 series launched, suggests that the entire tech community is definitely looking forward to it.

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