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Android 12 To Auto-Hibernate Apps That You Do Not Use Often

- Updated: 23rd Apr 2021, 10:02 IST

Android 12 will auto hibernate unused apps after a certain period. A new expansion of this feature has been discovered on a leaked build of Android 12.

Extra apps on your Android smartphones are taking up your phone space? Apps that are using unwanted permissions run in the background without you even noticing it? 

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As discovered by XDA Developers on their test device working the leaked build of Android 12, the upcoming feature hibernates the app and deletes the connected temporary files. They take up unnecessary space since most of the users never bother to remove them after installing.

Previously, Android 11 launched a feature known as auto revoke permissions that automatically cancel permissions given to an app. Now Google is extending this feature to enable auto-deleting of unused apps. This move will help free up device available storage space depending on the unused app.

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It is an update for users who have a mid-level or entry-level smartphone with limited storage. But for one having a higher level smartphone will not make much of a difference. Having free space occupied by an app you don’t even remember for a while is a wise option to take care of anyways.

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We should keep in mind that this feature is a leaked Android 12 build and whether it will make it to the Beta Developer Preview of the upcoming Android OS is unknown. This is just a guess and is not known yet.