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Google Cloud Introduces A Carbon-Saving Suite

- Updated: 18th Feb 2022, 11:53 IST
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    Google cloud reduces the burden of reducing one’s carbon footprint
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    A digital application for environmental protection
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    Active Assist’s ideas for long-term sustainability

Google, a pioneer in cloud services, has announced the launch of a new suite. The one that gives companies carbon footprint information and recommendations for emissions reduction. Google Cloud is to offer environmentally friendly solutions. It has recently created a programme to assist its customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

The company developed active Assist in 2021 due to an analysis of aggregated data from its entire customer base. But, what exactly does it do?

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Google cloud reduces the burden of reducing one’s carbon footprint

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The firm has been studying data for a year. Consumers are responsible for almost 600,000 kgs of CO2 equivalent, according to studies (CO2e). Also, in numerous dormant projects. To put this in perspective, companies may plant 10,000 trees to offset their carbon impact.

Large corporations generate these emissions through the use of cloud services. With the help of a wide range of digital technologies, Google aims to help its customers succeed. One of the big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to actively reduce emissions. And also to lower the level of administrative effort required to keep the projects up running.

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Product Manager for Active Assist, Cheng Wei, says “Active Assist is part of AIOps from Google Cloud. It leverages data, intelligence, and machine learning to simplify cloud management “. His company’s aIOps solution includes Active Assist.

Our Active Assist portfolio includes Policy Intelligence, Network Intelligence Center, and Predictive Autoscaler. And a list of Google Cloud services to try. All of which are designed to help you achieve your operational goals.

A digital application for environmental protection

The portfolio offers sustainability tools that can calculate overall CO2 emissions. Using the Active Assist Unattended Project Recommender also provides significant usage information across all projects. It utilises ML to detect and classify idle projects.

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You may use CO2 emissions to calculate a project’s carbon footprint by subtracting it from the total. To enable seamless reporting, all solutions for carbon emissions detection are packaged together into the Carbon Sense suite.

Carbon Footprint, which is a component of the Carbon Sense package, gives the ability to quantify gross carbon emissions from Google Cloud use and low-carbon signals from the firm to aid customers in selecting cleaner locations in which to distribute their workload.

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Active Assist’s ideas for long-term sustainability

The Active Assist Unattended Project Recommender uses machine learning to decide which tasks are inactive and, thus, most likely unattended..

The carbonFootprintDailyKgCO2 field has been there to the data points presented by Active Assist, allowing enterprises to estimate the carbon emissions. According to a recent blog post, these guidelines may be to assess the effect of eliminating an inactive project in terms of kilos of CO2 each month.

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The Carbon Sense Suite from Google Cloud makes it simpler than ever to report your carbon emissions and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. The company’s Carbon Footprint product offers enterprises the capacity to analyze and quantify the gross carbon emissions associated with their Google Cloud consumption.

Low-carbon signals help users choose cleaner places to work. Companies using Google Cloud can start using Active Assist sustainability recommendations by visiting the Carbon Footprint dashboard and the new Recommendation Hub.

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Active Assist sustainability recommendations are available to anyone who uses Google Cloud.


Highlights of the Story

  • It will be considerably easier for Google Cloud customers to measure, monitor, and decrease carbon emissions.
  • Last year, Google uncovered 600,000 gross kilos of CO2 equivalent (kgCO2e) in idle projects.
  • Google Cloud migration may be an effective way to reduce an organization’s overall environmental impact.