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Google Fit Updated With Two New Features – What Are They?

- Updated: 10th Mar 2021, 04:49 IST

Fitness is the most important aspect nowadays and various wearables are adding much more fitness-related information. Google Fit, a fitness wearable is adding new features to its wear OS Smartwatch app. It is adding new data to the home screen of the application.

The users will now have handy information regarding the weekly goals and recent workouts. Also, they will be able to see their heart rate and weight from the moment they open the Google Fit application.

Google Fit latest features

Google Fit is adding extra information regarding the users’ health on the home screen of the application. The addition is available on the Google Wear OS Smartwatch application.

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Now, Google Fit can check the weather and provide guided breathing sessions to the user. Also, users can create shortcuts of their recent workouts on the home screen of the device.

Users will be able to send stats, routes, and photos from the app to other users via social media or messaging applications. Not only this but the users can now create goals for bedtime schedules. The latest feature will allow the users to track their nightly activities and sleep stages.

Previous update

Last April, Google Fit came up with the total refresh of the application. The company shifted its focus to more goal-oriented fitness. In the last update, there was a redesign of the application which came up with step goals.

In the previous update, the step goals replaced the move minutes goals in the visual progress interface. Also, Google Fit came up with more clear Graphics for heart points goals. The Rings on the device show how many steps are left to achieve the goal.

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Since April, this is the latest update to the application. The latest upgrade is making every information much handy and easier to access. The update is available for both Android and iOS users. So to get more out of Google Wear OS, one should update their Google Fit application.