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Google Search Gets “Full Coverage” Update

- Updated: 10th Mar 2021, 04:53 IST

Nowadays, people go to Google Search for news and updates and Google search provides every answer to each and every question. Recently, the company is adding a new “full coverage” feature to Google search. It will allow the users to get a more comprehensive context to new stories.

The full coverage feature was previously available on the Google News platform. With the increasing demand for the feature, Google is now introducing the feature for Google search as well.

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The full coverage feature

As the name suggests, the feature provides a collection of top news, in-depth pieces, explainers, etc on a trending news topic. This helps the readers to understand a news story without spending much time surfing on the internet.

The feature was available in the Google News application and Discover feed. It provides a better context of a news story to the readers. Also, the feature will now detect long-running new stories and then covered the whole story. For example, the covid-19 pandemic; the feature will cover the whole story regarding the pandemic.

However, the feature does not explain any new story but collect those articles which explain about the certain topic. After sometime Google added artificial intelligence to Google news for organising news headlines on the basis of importance and proximity.

Google search and the new feature

The full coverage feature will work exactly the same as it was working on the Google news platform. It will help the users to understand Complex stories and explore all the aspects of the story. The feature will come up with all the aspects of a story written from various perspectives to remain unbiased about a certain topic.

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Users can access the full coverage feature by simply scrolling to the bottom of the top stories carousel. After that, the users will be able to see the “More News On” option on the bottom right corner of the carousel.

Currently, Google Search is launching this feature for US users only. Also, the feature can only support English right now and is available on mobile devices. Google is looking forward to introducing it in more languages and locations in the upcoming months.