Infinix, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, introduced the Note 11 series with some unique features, such as the Note 11‘s AMOLED display. The best thing is that the Note 11 series is an affordable approach for people from different parts of society. In recent days, the company has released a new software update for the Infinix Note 11 lineup. The Infinix Note 11 series now have an extended RAM feature, thanks to the new OTA software update. The device’s overall performance has improved as a result of this feature.

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Infinix Note 11 Series Update

According to Infinix, the latest software update includes the Extended RAM feature. It gives smartphones up to 3GB of extra RAM. The 4GB and 6GB models, on the other hand, only get 1GB of more RAM. The 8GB RAM variant comes with 3GB of additional RAM.

According to the company, the number of applications that can run simultaneously on the Infinix Note 11S has increased from nine to twenty thanks to the extended RAM technology. On the Infinix Note 11 series, the average app start time has been increased by 60 per cent to 300 milliseconds.

Infinix Note 11 Series

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How does the Extended RAM feature work?

When the RAM on the phone is insufficient to ensure smooth functioning, the new extended RAM feature uses the phone’s ROM. According to Infinix, this new Extended RAM feature will enable when customers run multiple apps on their phones at the same time. Furthermore, the Extended RAM option will have no significant impact on battery life.

Users of the Infinix Note 11s will be able to run as many as 20 apps at once thanks to this new feature. The launch speed of apps will increase by up to 60 per cent, and games will load considerably faster after the latest update, according to Infinix.

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