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Report: WhatsApp Web Fingerprint Security In The Works


WhatsApp is said to be developing fingerprint security for Web sessions. The overall security of the immensely popular messaging app will be greatly enhanced by this feature.

- Updated: 20th Sep 2020, 17:49 IST
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    WhatsApp Updates: What More?

WhatsApps’ new reported feature seems to be in the works at the moment as found in the latest beta testing for the app. Furthermore, the new update brings a fix to the widely reported bug which erased recently used emojis after an update.

WABetaInfo has revealed that WhatsApp is working to add fingerprint security on web sessions. This will enable users to make new WhatsApp Web session by just using their fingerprint. WABetaInfo has discovered this by testing the WhatsApp beta version for Android.

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Moreover, this feature when rolled out will enhance the privacy and security measures of users. This will prevent the secret creation of a new session by someone who is temporarily using a user’s phone. WhatsApp is reportedly already working on the development of this feature and will roll it out via future updates.

Furthermore, there has also been a discovery of a fix for a bug in the WhatsApp beta for Android. This bug has been troubling users for quite some time now. It basically causes recently used emojis section of the app to get erased every time users installed a new update for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Updates: What More?

WhatsApp is reportedly working on the Wallpaper section of the app as well. Reports suggest that WhatsApp is planning to include many customization options into the messaging app. We already know through past beta updates that WhatsApp is working to introduce the ability of setting different wallpapers for different chats. This new feature of customization will be available under the Wallpaper section of the app via future updates.

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Reports suggest that WhatsApp will allow users to choose an option to set a Wallpaper for a single chat or all the chats. The option to choose a Wallpaper for a single chat will keep it limited to that particular chat only. Whereas, the all chats feature will set that Wallpaper across all the chats. This will allow users to play around with multiple ways to customize their chats. Furthermore, the entire look of the app will change upon the official release of this update.

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WhatsApp is known to constantly upgrade and remove the reported glitches and bugs. However, this security update will be very good in establishing secure grounds of interaction for the users. Furthermore, the wallpaper update will enhance the aesthetics of the app even more. Users have always wanted customizable chats in WhatsApp and this seems like the very first good step towards it.


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