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5 Tips to Extend The Lifespan of Apple iPhone 7 Charging Jack


Fixing bad charging jacks in Apple iPhone 7 is important for its lasting. For seamless repairs, get professional help at Cashify. Use good cables, clean ports, and update system software to keep the iPhone 7 working perfectly without issues of not charging or low battery life after taking long before charging.

- Updated: 27th Feb 2024, 15:45 IST
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    Diagnosing the Issue
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    DIY Repair
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    Seek Professional Assistance
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    Repair With Cashify
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    5 Tips to Extend The Lifespan of Apple iPhone 7 Charging Jack
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The charging jack on the Apple iPhone 7 is more than just a port. It is the life support system of your gadget. Since it is an integral part, it can be spoilt, in case someone does not know how to deal with it. Today, we will talk about some basic tips to identify and repair problems with charging jacks of Apple iPhone 7 so that you can enjoy its perfect performance for a longer time.

Further, we will also discuss the five simplest ways to extend the life of an Apple device. Let’s start!

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Diagnosing the Issue

First, determine the problem by cleaning the charging jack of your Apple iPhone 7 with compressed air or a soft brush. Also, check for damage to the cable and adapter. Test with alternative cables and adapters. Try restarting your iPhone for software issues.

DIY Repair

Attempting DIY repairs without proper knowledge and tools can risk further damage to your mobile phone thus voiding its warranty agreement where there was one offered. This therefore calls for safety concerns as well we should seek professional help whenever necessary for the successful repair of the Apple iPhone 7 charging jack.


Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7
Quad core (2.34 GHz, Dual core, Hurricane + 1.1 GHz, Dual core, Zephyr)PowerVR GT7600 Plus
326 ppi, IPS LCD750 x 1334 pixels
3840x2160 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 120 fps, 1280x720 @ 240 fpsSingle, 7MP

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Seek Professional Assistance

Consult certified technicians at Apple Authorized Service Providers for quality repairs and warranty coverage. Alternatively, reputable third-party repairers offer reliable services with experienced technicians and quality parts.

Repair With Cashify

Cashify is the best option for mobile repairs. Also, enjoy a 6-month warranty period with doorstep pickup service. So, you can get your mobile repaired from the comfort of your home. Follow the given tips to repair the Apple iPhone 7 charging jack with Cashify seamlessly and at affordable prices.

  • Visit a nearby Cashify Store or register on
  • Go to the Cashify Repair page and select mobile phone brand, Apple.
  • Search for Apple iPhone 7 repair and select the color.
  • Select the required repair service and schedule an appointment.
  • After confirming your booking, your device will be picked up from your doorstep.

Hence, the expert technicians of Cashify will get your Apple iPhone 7 charging jack repaired at an affordable price.

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5 Tips to Extend The Lifespan of Apple iPhone 7 Charging Jack

  • Use Original or Certified Cables: Cheap, incompatible cables strain the port, leading to poor connections and potential damage. Stick to Apple’s original or certified cables for optimal performance.
  • Keep it Clean: Dust and debris can block ports, causing charging issues. Regularly inspect and gently remove dirt using compressed air or a soft brush. Avoid forcing anything into the port.
  • Avoid Force and Bending: Forcing a charger into the charging jack of Apple iPhone 7 can damage internal components. Avoid excessive bending or twisting of the cable, which can strain both the cable and port.
  • Manage Cables: Don’t leave your phone charging under strain, especially when in use. Remove the cord gently to prevent wear on the port
  • Update Software: Regular software updates address charging issues related to compatibility or bugs. Keep your device software up to date for smooth charging.


In conclusion, to keep your Apple iPhone 7 charging steadily, one should prioritize quality cables, cleanliness of the port, proper cable management, and software updates. Another possibility could be wireless charging. If problems persist, seeking professional help early ensures reliable charging and optimum performance. These basic tips will enable you to effectively diagnose and fix the issue of slow and no charge on your device hence ensuring the long-term operation of your device.

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Is the charging port of your mobile phone damaged? Don’t worry! Repair the charging jack without stepping into a shop with Cashify. We have affordable refurbished mobile phones and also repair mobile phones. You can also sell your old devices on Cashify.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Using original or certified cords can help you avoid damage.
  • Clean the charging dock to prevent connection problems.
  • To make it serve you long, never force the charger or twist it.
  • Reliable repairs from Cashify are best sought through professional channels.