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What Is CEIR? Top 10 Facts You Cannot Miss To Avoid Phone Theft


If you are wondering what CEIR is all about, then this article is the right place to be. Here are some top facts on it that you might not have known before.

- Updated: 15th May 2023, 20:47 IST
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    Facts About CEIR That You Did Not Know About
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    How To Find Lost Phone Using CEIR Website
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    Successes Of CEIR
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CEIR, or the Central Equipment Identity Register, is the database for mobile systems that keeps information on all the mobile registered with the given identifiers. These days it is one of the common ways to keep track of your smartphones and mobile devices. As it is one of the buzzing topics that might have already grabbed your attention, understand what CEIR is and some top facts you cannot miss.

To clarify the concept in simpler terms, CEIR is one of the finest initiatives by the Government of India to track lost and missing phones. As our phones hold a lot of critical information these days, losing one can take a tremendous toll on us. Thereby, this guide will help you navigate through different aspects of CEIR and how you can utilise the aspect of the offerings by the government to track lost phones.

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Facts About CEIR That You Did Not Know About

The top facts we bet you did not know about:

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  1. The CEIR website has been launched by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, to tackle the growing menace of missing and lost phones throughout the country.
  2. CEIR opened up officially for the residents of Mumbai in 2019. However, now it is also available for people from Delhi-NCR. As per the reports of the Press Trust of India (PTI), the government is slated to launch the system pan-India on May 17, 2023.
  3. You can check KYM (Know Your Mobile) status by sending a text on 14422 with the given format: KYM <15 digit IMEI number>
    If the status of the phone is Black listed or already in use or duplicate, please avoid buying the phone.
  4. You can also check the status of the phone through the website or download the application.
  5. Once the numbers are blacklisted after being registered as stolen or lost, the cellular connection to these mobile phones will be permanently stopped. This would disincentivise theft and reselling of the phone illegally.
  6. There are privacy concerns surrounding the collection of IMEI numbers related to the phones on the basis of registration and opening gates for surveillance. However, as per many experts, the security aspect should be given far more weightage.
  7. In case you have found your lost phone, you can even unblock them by contacting the same police department where they lodged their initial complaints.
  8. If you are wondering if your Google has any way of finding the lost phone, then the answer is YES. You can track it using Find My Device on Google phone. However, for this to be operational, you will need an internet connection at all times to keep going.
  9. There are multiple ways in which you can get your IMEI blocked. This can be done using the CEIR website, contacting local police, or complaining to the telecom operator.
  10. The website also looks to improve itself based on the suggestion of users. Hence, using the link, you can even provide feedback so that the platform keeps improving itself.

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How To Find Lost Phone Using CEIR Website

Here is a quick guide to understanding how to find a missing or lost phone using the website launched by the government.

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  1. Firstly, go to the local police station, lodge an FIR, and secure a copy of it using a digital medium like an image on your phone.
  2. Now, you need to contact your mobile operator to get a duplicate SIM card so that OTPs are available on your phone right away while blocking the previous IMEI. The facility gets activated after 24 hours of issuing the SIM card.
  3. Use the form here to register the complaint of missing mobile phone and attach the documents like FIR copy from the local police station and identity proof.
  4. The Request ID is provided to you upon submitting the complaint. You can use this to keep track of your request or during the unblocking at a later stage (if need be)

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Successes Of CEIR

  1. In 2023, Dakshin Kannada police were able to find ten lost mobile phones within 24 hours of getting missing complaints using the portal.
  2. More than 94000 mobile phones have been blacklisted on account of registered FIRs in Delhi, which has potentially reduced the threat of loss of crucial data and misuse.

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Using the simple and easy-to-use guide, you can quickly proceed to block the IMEI number using the government portal. Besides, you get hands-on about some top factors surrounding CEIR. Earlier, while it was pretty challenging to keep track of the lost phone and the fear surrounding data getting into the wrong hands, things have taken a U-turn right now. With the portal, you can be sure to keep your device safe and secure from any illegal use.

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Highlights of the Story

  • CEIR website, launched by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, helps to keep track of lost mobile phones.
  • Get to know some of the top facts regarding the CEIR website and how you can use the platform to block your phone’s IMEI.

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