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Why Do Apple iPhones Overheat And What Can Be Done To Prevent This!


iPhones have been around for many years now and have eventually acquired a massive share in the market over the years, this has also helped the brand gain a lot of trust and loyalty from its repeat customers. If you are reading this article, the chances are that you might also be having an iPhone right now, however, iPhones tend to heat at times because of a bad software patch or the processor working way more than the required amount. The average operating temperature of an iPhone is significantly lower than some of the other phones due to safety concerns.

By Akhil Taneja - 
12th Aug 2020
Apple iPhones Overheat

Highlights of the Story

  • iPhones are the most popular smartphones on the planet with a significant user base
  • Like every other smartphone, iPhones tend to heat up a little under stress and when used a lot
  • Certain Software bugs can cause the iPhone to run hot, luckily there are easy solutions to the problem

Your phone is the one thing you use on a daily basis, and with use, the phone gets hotter due to multiple factors including excessive usage, faulty hardware, or weather conditions. Unlike computers, iPhones have no fans to cool them down, instead, it uses the metal frame and the screen to dissipate the heat.

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In India, the average temperature ranges from about 35°C to around 45°C in summers which even makes the device hotter during the daytime. The heating of electronic gadgets is quite normal because of the screen, battery, and the internals all emit some sort of heat when under heavy use. The recommended temperature for the usage of an iPhone is 32°C or 90° F and it is recommended to keep it under the safe limits to ensure the device stays healthy.

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Having used our iPhones since forever now, we know what a “normal” temperature is for it. We know it well enough to distinguish it from when it heats up. It may not be a frequent occurrence, but it DOES happen. So, here is all you need to know about why your iPhone is overheating and all that you can do about it to ensure your precious gadget’s health.

Why does your Apple iPhone Overheat?

There are several reasons, some familiar, while others not so much, that can cause your iPhone to become hot. Some situations which are not a matter of worry are as follows:

  • When you switch on a new iPhone and set it up for the first time, the new processor may heat up without causing concern.
  • It is quite reasonable for the iPhone to get hot after it has had its screen replaced and is being calibrated.
  • After having had a software update, the heating is typical.
  • You may have left your iPhone in the car or in your balcony where it was exposed to the sun for a prolonged period; it would lead to heating.

These are some situations where heating of the iPhone does not mean a danger to the quality. Instead, it is a symptom of the CPU’s revival of function.

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The main cause of iPhone overheating is the load on the C.P.U or the processor. The processor is where all the work of your iPhone happens. Phones are computers with high-speed processing power to do your daily tasks like sending a text message or browsing through social media as well as for power-intensive games and apps.

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The processor heats up if it is under load or if it has many processes going on. It is quite similar to the human brain when you think about a lot of stuff at the same time you lose the power to concentrate fully on one task.

iPhone Overheating

Some of the other reasons why iPhone overheats are because of the Software updates. In some batches of the software update sent over the air (OTA), there might be bugs that cause the processor and all the other internals to increase their clock speed and work more even when it is not needed.

One of the other common reasons for overheating is the number of running apps in the background. Sometimes apps keep running in the background without you even knowing and heat your phone and drain the battery at the same time.

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So, preferably when you are done with the app clear it from the recent apps. The best thing to avoid the phone to overheat due to apps would be to keep restarting the device about once in two days just to clear out the RAM and keep things flowing smoothly.

Sometimes, however, the iPhone may become hot while you are using it. It is not an occurrence that may often happen, so you must look into it and take necessary measures to rectify it.

  • You may be playing a game that makes use of intensely vivid graphics, which may prove to be resource-draining. It would work the processor excessively, causing heating issues.
  • You may have too many apps open, which can overload the CPU.
  • You have been using your phone non-stop, which fails to give the processor a break. 
  • If your apps are due to be updated, your CPU will be worked up, which can cause the phone to heat.

These are essential reasons that you need to keep in mind and check in case they are right for you. If they are, correct them by giving your phone a break from time to time, keep your apps updated, and close unused apps.

What are the Symptoms of your iPhone Overheating?

When your iPhone feels like it is overheating, the device automatically switches to what they call as a cool-down mode. This happens when you are either charging the iPhone and using it for processor-intensive tasks such as navigation.

Cool Down Mode

iPhones come with a feature where the smart device understands that it is in dire need of cooling down to work seamlessly. It is when the iPhone retires in Cool Down Mode, where it advises you to allow it time before using it. Due to the various reasons that may lead to overheating, cooling down works its way towards balancing the temperature and bringing it back to normal.

iPhone Overheating

During Cool Down Mode, you may experience the following:

  • The signals will weaken. It won’t allow you to make any calls except for those stored as your emergency contact.
  • The iPhone when plugged in for charging of just placed on the wireless charging pad, simply won’t charge or will charge at a very slow rate.
  • The phone’s performance might take a hit like the apps take a long time to load up or games with heavy graphics drop the frame rate by a staggering amount and become very choppy.
  • If you have your maps navigating you, the feature will allow only audio navigation, and the screen will refuse to show the visual map.
  • Your camera flash will not work.
  • You may also get a warning on the screen stating “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. For some instance, if you want to use the camera which would not turn on because of the heating, the flashlight might be disabled.
  • In a worst-case heating scenario, the iPhone may turn off.

This temperature warning works to keep your iPhone’s health intact. It forces you to implement measures aiming at preserving the iPhone’s resources to ensure that the processor does not burn out.

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