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Will Apple Soon Enter Foldable Market Through iPhone or iPad? Details Inside!


Explore the possibility of Apple venturing into the Foldable Phone Market in this article. Learn whether it will be an Apple foldable Phone or a foldable iPad.

- Updated: 20th Feb 2024, 16:15 IST
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    Why Is Apple Far Behind In The Race Of Foldable Phones?
    • Apple Believe In Perfection
    • There Are Software Limitations
    • Focus On Other Technologies
  • 2
    Apple iPhones/ iPads And Foldable Phones Market: Will It Happen In Future?
    • Issues With Foldable Phones
    • The Bigger Picture
    • Limited Foldable iPad Market
  • 3
    When Can We Expect This Technology To Go Live?

Foldable phones are a trendy and exciting concept if you ask me. We have been through the years with a flat-screen in our hands. But now, the situation and mindset have changed, and we are witnessing a paradigm shift for everyone wanting to have a foldable phone at least once. There’s a frail hope for Apple users for whom the Apple Foldable Phone has always been uncertain.

Be it OPPO, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, or many more players. However, one player has been the market leader in innovation, technology, and premium devices since the beginning. But we don’t see Apple anywhere when discussing this new trend. Is it a well-thought-out move, or is something up their sleeves, and they will show the whole world why they are the market leader in the coming years? The article is just exploring that.

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Why Is Apple Far Behind In The Race Of Foldable Phones?


This is the big question of how such a tech giant can be behind this race. Wanting to experience new technology is a familiar behaviour among humans. In this scenario, it’s evident that these devices have become a trend. But in the market, almost every player has come with it. I have researched a lot about this technology, and I have come up with a lot of reasons why Apple is not actively venturing into it.

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Apple Believe In Perfection

When you look at a foldable phone in the market, you will realise that there is always a gap or crease on the mobile phone screen. Because of this, Apple might be waiting to develop the perfect technology so their phones are durable, have no creases, and feel perfect to hold!

There Are Software Limitations

We all know that Android is much more flexible than iOS. Of course, the UI of iOS feels premium and smoother than Android, but Apple still has a long way to go when it comes to flexibility, customisations, and the latest features.

To understand this, I am going to use an example. When you use ColorOS or Google Pixel, some apps will allow you to open multiple screens by default. But when it comes to iOS, the possibilities are less. Nevertheless, Apple thrives on innovation and might develop even better software flexibilities in the future.

Focus On Other Technologies

One more reason Apple needs to catch up is that it focuses more on new, fun technologies. A prime example of this would be the Apple Vision Pro. After the Apple Vision Pro Meta’s success, Mark Zuckerberg even appreciates it in a recent video. There can be a possibility that Apple is creating an ecosystem where there won’t be the need for a foldable phone whatsoever. But we’ll see that in the coming future.

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Apple iPhones/ iPads And Foldable Phones Market: Will It Happen In Future?

As an Apple iPhone fan, the answer is a big Yes. But we will not see a foldable iPhone anytime soon. I am spending my money on the concept of Foldable iPads. When you think about it, foldable iPads make more sense for Apple than foldable iPhones. Apple is playing a long-term and more intelligent game.

Issues With Foldable Phones

As I mentioned, foldable displays have many issues, like creases, battery concerns, and durability issues. Apple is not going to risk their whole image simply for the sake of trying out new technology.

The Bigger Picture

A foldable iPad makes more sense because it will transform into a compact, portable, and fully productive powerhouse for the user. It will be a blessing for all of us, whether you are a student taking notes, an artist designing on a canvas, or any professional wanting to multitask. Like they say, the sky is the limit, my friend.

Limited Foldable iPad Market

We all know that the foldable phone market has become crowded because of many players entering every other day. So, investing in developing an Apple Foldable Phone at this point does not really make sense. But when it comes to a foldable tablet market, it’s limited for now. Apple has the potential to explore and design something that can be the undisputed product in this category. I think even users will appreciate and welcome this refreshing technology with open arms.


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When Can We Expect This Technology To Go Live?

Although I want Apple to enter this space as soon as possible, I see things happening in 2025. Apple has always been a player who likes to do things in their own time and not follow the status quo. But one thing I know for sure is that whenever they enter this space, it will be legendary and will be a game-changer. Like in the past, Apple will establish and set its trend.

So What do you think? Will Apple join the Foldable Phones Market with an iPad, or will it be an iPhone? Or maybe you have a completely different theory? Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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Highlights of the Story

  • The article discusses the possibility of Apple entering the foldable phones market shortly.
  • Apple has been the market leader and trendsetter in the tech world as it always comes up with something new. 
  • A foldable iPad is a more significant possibility than an Apple Foldable Phone. Read the article to find out more.

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