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10 Best Apps To Design Online Invitation Cards For Free!


Looking to make an innovative and never used before card as an e-invite? Here are some of the best apps to design online invitation right away.

- Updated: 7th Sep 2023, 18:22 IST
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    Why do you need apps to design an online invitation card?
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    Best Apps To Design Online Invitation Cards
    • 1. Canva
    • 2. Punchbowl
    • 3. Evite
    • 4. Video Invitation Maker Ecards
    • 5. Invitation Maker Flyer Creator
    • 6. WedMeGood
    • 7. Adobe Express
    • 8. PlaceIt
    • 9. Greeting Islands
    • 10. PaperlessPost
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    Final Words: Best Apps To Design Online Invitation

Rarely would you find people who would toss in for an offline paper-based invitation card for their special occasion in time of everything turning to ‘e’-way. The e-invites have become quite famous for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, and more. Here are some of the best apps to design online invitation cards for free using your mobile phone or laptop.

With time, social media has seen the evolution of small businesses that were non-existent or less known before. For example, card-making always meant going to a specialised card shop, selecting your favourite design, and getting it printed. However, nowadays, people are more conscious of their choices and want to make every part of their process durable and sustainable. Instead of paper invites, online invitation/e-invites are preferred.

So, if you are looking to make an e-invite yourself without the help of a professional designer, these super fantastic and best apps to design online invitation cards will help you out.

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Why do you need apps to design an online invitation card?

Creating an e-invite from scratch can be a bit challenging in the beginning, but it’s totally worth it. Here are some of the reasons why you need these apps to design the online invitation card:

  • Saves a lot of resources and time taken to select paper cards and go to the shops to select one.
  • You can visit an app online or consult an illustrator or designer who can help you get the job done.
  • You can edit text on the online invitation cards or e-invite if there are any changes in the program. This is difficult to achieve with paper cards.
  • Saves a lot of money as you don’t have to spend individually in getting each card printed and couriered to your distant relative (thanks to instant messaging platforms!)
  • E-invites are environmentally friendly, as no paper or printing technology is used. This considerably saves a lot of resources like trees and fossil fuel that goes into making an e-invite.
  • You can add map locations to the address of the venue that is added on the e-invite. This makes navigation easier for the people who are visiting your location for the first time.

Best Apps To Design Online Invitation Cards

These are some of the best and trending apps to design online invitation cards for your special occasion.

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1. Canva

best apps to design online invitation: CANVA

One of the widely used apps to design online invitations for any occasion has to be Canva. Best known for photo editing and video editing, the application is widely used by people to prepare graceful posts across all social media platforms.

You can change the colour of the card template and edit text along with font style using the platform. Besides, one can even add transitions and edit images by adding pictures and changing level of brightness, saturation, and more on the design. The multiple templates that are already present on the application let you choose from the best available option for invitation cards.

Download it on your Android phone

Download it on your iOS phone

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2. Punchbowl

Get some of the best online invitation cards to enhance the design using the Punchbowl app that can generate some great e-invites and cards. Besides, get your hands on sharing the e-invite via text and email on the go among your family member, friends, and relatives. If you are looking to share the design sometime in future, you can schedule the timing for it too.

Using the application, you can even manage RSVPs and keep a count of the guests attending the event (you can even respond to invites using the app). If you are organising a birthday party for the kid, you can even choose your favourite cartoon character and add pictures and videos.

Download it on your Android phone

Download it on your iOS phone

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3. Evite

Evite is another named application among the list of best apps to design an online invitation card. You can use the app to customise font, add style and change the font size as per your preference. RSVPs are easily trackable on the platform, and one can keep notice of the replies sent via notifications and reminders on the app.

To make your e-invite even more personalised, add pictures and videos from the local gallery to the invite. If you want to use the card to raise funds for any event, gifting and donation option can be added. View all the events raised on the application in a go using Evite.

Download it on your Android phone

Download it on your iOS phone

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4. Video Invitation Maker Ecards

Get the video invitation card ready using the pre-existing template using one of the best apps to design online invitations or e-invites. You can simply change the title of the bride and groom along with other details. This includes profile pictures, wedding dates, venue, and timing.

Additionally, add photos for the event and share them with your near and dear ones immediately over email or instant messaging platforms. Change the colour of the design, intricate pattern, and background, customised totally to your needs.

Download it on your Android phone

Download it on your iOS phone

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5. Invitation Maker Flyer Creator

With more than 1000+ invitation card templates available online on the platform, the Invitation Maker Flyer Creator is one of the best apps for designing online invitations. You can choose and design among many options curated for different occasions like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, engagement ceremonies, and other special event.

Besides, share the creatives designed via social media platforms and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You get an easy notification as soon as your acquaintance replies to the invitation created by you.

Download it on your Android phone

Download it on your iOS phone

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6. WedMeGood

wedmegood app

WedMeGood has been a top-notch choice among people who want to plan their wedding on quite a budget as per their needs. On the application, you get a specialised section where you can choose from the set of available templates that can be free of cost as well as paid. You can select the one that you need, add texts, change font sizes and more to finalise the detail.

However, you must keep in mind that designs and patterns cannot be changed; only the texts can be added and modified. The final pattern can be shared across messaging platforms or email along with the watermark. To remove this watermark, you need to pay an affordable price to download the card right away.

Download it on your Android phone

Download it on your iOS phone

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7. Adobe Express

adobe express: best apps to design online invitation

Adobe Express, formerly Adobe Spark, is an excellent option for crafting a wide array of digital and printed materials, such as invitations, cards, flyers, and bills. This platform boasts an extensive library of thousands of templates, allowing users to choose the most suitable one. Therefore, it is considered one of the best apps to design online invitation. Whether you prefer browsing through the gallery or utilizing a keyword search, you’ll find a template that suits your needs perfectly. Moreover, if you desire more creative control, you can start from scratch by dragging and dropping graphics and inputting text effortlessly.

One notable feature of this application is its toolkit for animating various elements within your designs. This animation capability adds an extra layer of visual appeal to your cards and invitations. Adobe Express also facilitates access to a wide range of imagery resources, allowing users to incorporate images from the Adobe Stock library or upload photos, graphics, and illustrations. This comprehensive access makes it one of the top choices among invitation-maker apps available today. Furthermore, the platform provides access to an impressive selection of almost 20,000 free Adobe fonts, enabling you to infuse your invitations with a creative and distinctive touch.

Download it on your Android Phone

Download it on your iOS Phone

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8. PlaceIt

PlaceIt-best apps to design online invitation

PlaceIt by Envato stands out as a user-friendly invitation card maker application, featuring an intelligently designed user interface that simplifies the creation of greeting cards, flyers, invitations, and various graphic designs. This versatile tool offers an extensive collection of mockups and templates crafted by professional designers, primarily tailored for business purposes. Within this platform, users gain access to a wealth of high-quality graphics, enabling the seamless development of invitations for diverse corporate events.

This business card software also provides a range of free design options, making it suitable for regular use. Utilizing the built-in editor, you can personalize the templates by adding text images and adjusting background colours and patterns. Once your invitation is ready, sharing it with others becomes effortless. Additionally, the application offers a selection of similar templates, allowing you to explore and select the one that best aligns with your specific requirements.

Download it on your Android Phone

Download it on your iOS Phone

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9. Greeting Islands

greeting islands - best apps to design online invitation

Greeting Islands is a convenient online card creation tool with an extensive template library meticulously categorized into various sections and subcategories. This platform equips users to craft invitations for many occasions, including birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and more. One of its standout features is the ability to infuse a personal touch into your cards and invitations by seamlessly incorporating your photos and graphics.

Enhancing user experience, Greeting Islands provides an advanced search option that simplifies finding the desired materials. You can effortlessly search for content based on criteria such as occasion, theme, orientation, popularity, and more. Once you’ve identified a suitable template, you can personalize it by adding your text and custom elements, elevating its visual appeal and impact.

Download it on your Android Phone

Download it on your iOS Phone

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10. PaperlessPost

paperless post - best apps to design online invitation

Paperless presents an excellent solution tailored for those seeking to craft digital invitations. Within its extensive collection, you’ll discover various templates suitable for various occasions, from birthdays and weddings to children’s parties and corporate events.

This invitation-creator app extends its versatility beyond traditional events, allowing users to design invitations for everyday situations. Whether sending wishes for a speedy recovery, expressing gratitude, congratulating someone on relocating to a new city or inviting people to school-related functions, Paperless offers templates for various purposes.

Furthermore, the platform encompasses a wealth of holiday-themed templates, simplifying the process of extending congratulations for different festive occasions, including Ramadan, Lunar New Year, or St. Patrick’s Day. An added benefit is the platform’s user-friendly tools for monitoring RSVPs, making Paperless an invaluable resource for efficiently organizing and scheduling various events.

Download it on your Android Phone

Download it on your iOS Phone

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Final Words: Best Apps To Design Online Invitation

Using these best apps to design online invitation, you can save considerable time and money at your end. The cards are innovative and you can choose among thousands of sample to begin with and make your day even more special.

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  • Here are some of the best apps to design online invitation card right away.

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