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How To Delete WhatsApp Messages Up To One Week Old


WhatsApp has had a feature that allows users to delete or un send messages, this long-awaited featured was tested for a long time and then release for everyone in an update. Now it is possible for any user to delete a message that was sent unintentionally, however, there is a catch. The users can delete a message sent within seven minutes only, in this guide we tell you how to override this limit.

By Akhil Taneja - 
10th May 2020
How to Delete WhatsApp Messages up to One Week Old

Highlights of the Story

  • WhatsApp is one of the biggest chatting applications in the world right now with a massive userbase
  • WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows users to delete messages that have already been sent
  • WhatsApp platform comes with a lot of modern features and is very simple to use which has resulted in its widespread adoption

WhatsApp has rolled out updated in the past to introduce many features, some of these features including voice calling, WhatsApp payments, and even able to delete messages. However, the catch with the Message Deletion feature is that it is only possible to delete a message sent by the user within seven minutes, if you send a mistake message over seven minutes ago then you are out of luck. This guide shows you how to delete WhatsApp message sent over seven minutes ago.

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However, with some modifications, it is now possible to circumvent WhatsApp’s strict deletion time limit in the Android app using a workaround. The workaround allows you to delete messages that aren’t just seven minutes old but up to seven days old.

How to Delete Messages on WhatsApp up to seven Days Old

To start with the process, you will first have to go and disable both your Wi-Fi and your mobile data to ensure that your device is no longer connected to the internet. You can go to the mobile settings and easily turn off these features or use the quick toggles to easily turn them off. The next step is to navigate to the Apps section in the Settings app, here look for the WhatsApp in the list.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages up to One Week Old

Open the WhatsApp in the list of apps and tap on the Force Stop button, this will freeze the app and prevent it from running unless explicitly opened. Once you have successfully force stopped the application, you can now go to the Date & Time section of the Settings and set the date to the time that matches the day when you sent the original message. In most phones, they are configured to fetch the time automatically from the network provider, so it might be necessary to manually turn this feature off before adjusting the Date & Time settings.

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How to Delete WhatsApp Messages up to One Week Old

Once you have successfully set the time and date going back to the time when the message was sent, you can now follow the same process for deleting the message. Tap and Hold on the message and it should now show a window with options such as Delete for Me, Delete for Everyone, and Cancel. Select the Delete for Everyone option, once this is done, go back and turn on your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data as per your usage. Then go back to the Settings app and revert the Date and Time to the original settings.

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When you open WhatsApp after this, it should now have replaced your original message with a placeholder message that reads: This message was deleted. This message allows users to delete the message that was sent more than seven minutes ago. We have tried this trick and have been successful with shorter durations on the newer versions and longer durations on the older versions.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages up to One Week OldWhile according to Android Jefe, it is possible in extreme cases for you to be able to delete messages older than a week in this method but it should be noted that if you go too far in this method, you will be prompted by WhatsApp to force you to delete the correct date. This trick has seen a different amount of success rates across the different versions of WhatsApp and Android an should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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According to the official website, the time limit to delete the message has been increased to one hour allowing you to correct the mistakes made by sending a message to a wrong chat or a group, it can also come very handy when you have sent a message in a mistake to a wrong user. The above listen method has seen different levels of success over various android devices having different versions of Android. In most cases, we were able to delete messages up to at least 12 hours old. While this particular bug might not last forever, it could be a massive lifesaver for anyone with an instant message regret.


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