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PUBG Available For FREE On Google Stadia, But Only For Pro Subscribers!


PUBG is one of the most played multiplayer games in the market right now, it has seen a massive increase over the past few months. It has become a very recognizable brand with a massive userbase, both on mobile as well as on PC. Now, it has been announced that the PC version of PUBG will be made available free of cost on Google Stadia service. While this is said to be free for all users for a period of 2 months, the free users might lose access after that period.

- Updated: 6th May 2020, 07:39 IST

PUBG has quickly grown into a very recognizable brand with a massive userbase both on mobile and on PC. The Game maker has now announced that the PC version of PUBG will now be available for free on the Google Stadia game streaming service. The Google powered Game Streaming service has consistently been adding new games to its library and PUBG is one of the latest additions to the service.

This new announcement was made during Google’s Stadia Connect on Tuesday, April 28. Multiplayer gaming has taken an even more impressive rise in popularity over the past few months as people stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, this new development comes as a piece of great news to many users

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During the Stadia, Connect event hosted for 2020 on their YouTube Channel. It was announced that PUBG has now been added to the Stadia console and is available for free with Stadia Pro. While the pro subscription is normally a paid plan, Google announced earlier this month that it will be giving two months of free access to Stadia Pro to all users. This essentially makes the game available for free for all users as they can signup for a Stadia subscription.

However, it should be noted that the free subscription to Stadia Pro only lasts for two months, and after that users might lose access to their games including PUBG if they do not renew their Pro subscription. The Stadia Pro costs $9.99 or about Rs 750 per month and gives a few games for free along with the ability to stream at up to 4K resolution with surround sound audio.

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The latest announcement by Stadia on their YouTube stream also stated that since PUBG on stadia is a cross-platform game, players can play with people on consoles as well. Several other games were announced during the Stadia Connect including five games from Electronic Arts such as FIFA, Madden NFL, Star Wars Jedi, and more.


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Highlights of the Story

  • PUBG is one of the most played multiplayer games across mobile and PC platforms
  • PUBG has a massive userbase and a recognizable brand with multiple tournaments and competitions being conducted
  • The PUBG PC version will now be available for the Google Stadia for all users
  • The game will be accessible to all for a period of two months after which free users might lose access to the game

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