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Here’s How To Reapply For Lost PAN Card? December 2023


Get to know a detailed way of how to reapply for the lost PAN card in a super quick manner using the authentic government portal.

- Updated: 28th Nov 2023, 15:25 IST
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    What is PAN Card?
    • What are PAN Cards Used For?
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    How to reapply for a lost PAN Card?: Detailed Guide
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    Summary: How to reapply for lost PAN card

PAN Card is one of the most important identifications that you can present as proof of residence or keep a log of the financial transaction. However, it may be a hassle-filled task once you happen to lose it. Our article here focuses on how to reapply for a lost PAN card and the process associated with it.

Before we delve into the detailed guide, here is a snapshot of what it means to be a PAN card holder in India, what are the sectors where it is used, and how it holds prominence for the government as well as citizens. This would help you understand the need to reapply for a lost PAN card as soon as it is lost.

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What is PAN Card?

PAN, or the Permanent Account Number, is the ten-digit unique code that is presented to the citizens of India. They are mostly requested by people and employees who participate in the taxation system. The PAN card is a small-palm size identity card that contains data like name, date of birth, guardian’s name, photo of the holder, and a unique 10-digit number.

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Did you know about the ten digits on the PAN card? The first three alphabets are randomly selected for an ID. The fourth letter may belong to an individual (P), firm (F), company (C), HUF (H), association (A), or trust (T). Besides, the fifth letter denotes the first letter of the applicant’s surname, and the next four digits would be a sequential number from 0001 to 9999. The last alphabet is a check digit.

What are you waiting for? If you own a PAN card, pop that out of your wallet and use this technique to remember your ten-digit PAN card.

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What are PAN Cards Used For?

Apart from keeping a log of your taxation, PAN cards are also used for multiple other purposes.

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  • Keeps track of the transaction related to your purchases and expenditure from accounts of the bank institution associated with the card.
  • Needed as a method of identification by employers to get track of the payment and show log books of the payment made to the PAN card holder to the government (if need be).
  • Used as an identification tool to obtain new gas connections, seek rent agreements, and more.

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  • Banks demand PAN cards from associated bank accounts to the card and record bank logs such as loan applications, repayment, and more.
  • Avoids any impersonation or forgery done for the fraudulent financial activities
  • Needed to obtain securities, shares, immovable properties, and more.
  • Required during the purchase of any vehicle having more than two wheels.

Due to the multiple benefits accrued by the mere possession of this card, it is important to reapply for a lost PAN card as soon as it happens.

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How to reapply for a lost PAN Card?: Detailed Guide

Before getting precisely to reapplying for a lost PAN card, you must make sure that the complaint is lodged immediately as soon as possible at the nearest police station. Besides, keep an online and offline copy of the complaint details that you have made.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you in case you have lost your PAN card and want to reapply for it.

  • Go to the official website of NSDL to begin the process of reapplication.
  • Next, select Changes or Correction in existing PAN data/ Reprint of PAN under the Application Type.
  • Select the category as per your requirement and other mandatory details that are required in the form. Once done, click on Submit to continue. A token number is sent to your mentioned email address for the application tracking.
  • Next, enter personal details and add the required documents on the link provided on the page via e-KYC and provide a digital signature for the same. Next, you can make a payment to complete the process to reapply for a lost PAN card.

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  • You can submit documents along with the signed form either digitally or via post in physical manner. For online submission, you must add Aadhar card details, too, as there would be an OTP authentication on the registered mobile number too.
  • For the postal process, you must send the duly filled form with necessary documents via an envelope as  “Acknowledgement Number: + Application for Reprint of PAN.”
  • Besides, choose between a physical card and e-card, whatever goes well for you.

A PAN card gets delivered to you within 15-20 days at the mentioned address in the case of the physical card.

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Summary: How to reapply for lost PAN card

Instead of depending on any non-government sources to reapply for a lost PAN card, it is utmost necessary that one applies for it directly from the government website: National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). This ensures that the data is in the right hands and you receive the PAN card at your address without much hassle. Additionally, you don’t have to spend additional bucks on the middle person or agents to fast-track the process. It is only after due verification that the NSDL issues the fresh PAN card, and hence it’s best to let the process take a due course of time.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Losing a PAN card and not having a copy of it either can take a toll at times of need.
  • Instead, once you happen to lose it, the general recommendation is to reapply for the lost PAN card.
  • This lets you gain access to the physical or digital copy of the same PAN card that was issued to you earlier at a nominal rate.
  • Here is a detailed way in which you can reapply for the lost PAN card.