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Samsung Teases New Rollable Smartphone


Samsung seems to be gearing up for a new rollable smartphone. The mystery device was spotted in the hands of Lee Jae-Yong.

- Updated: 17th Nov 2020, 04:31 IST
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    Samsung’s New Rollable Phone: What More?

Samsung’s series of foldable smartphones are still in their second generation. We can see that with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, the South Korean tech giant’s vice chairman, Lee Jae-Yong gave us a bit of a teaser. Yong was spotted holding what appears to be a new rollable smartphone. Furthermore, the mystery phone immediately became the center of rumors and speculations. Moreover, The Korea Times has stated something important to note as well. They said that Lee carried a smartphone with a rollable display when he visited the company’s research and development center in Seoul.

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From their recent launches, we can see that Samsung is experimenting with a ton of new things. They have evidently been trying to come up with something unique. They totally did that with the Galaxy Fold but, in a not-so-good way. The phone immediately became one of the biggest flops by the company.

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When it comes to the device in question here, it is probably a stretchable one. Besides, Samsung has already filed a patent for the same. Additionally, rumors reveal that the 6-inch phone will transform into an 8-inch tablet. Moreover, this is possible because of the flexible plastic panel in the device. However, it is important to take these rumors with a pinch of salt as nothing is confirmed for now.

Samsung’s New Rollable Phone: What More?

Moreover, as the phone is stretchable, it will solve the problem of creasing in such smartphones. The Galaxy Fold and Fold 2 also have this issue of creasing. Furthermore, the mystery device is said to launch next year.

However, Samsung is not the only smartphone company trying to make a stretchable phone. LG is giving tough competition to the company with their recently launch, the LG Wing. The LG Wing features a secondary display with a very unique form factor. The primary display rotates to reveal the secondary one. Moreover, LG has already stated that they are working on a stretchable device. Additionally, TCL is not far behind either. They have recently revealed a prototype of the rollable device they are working on.

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Although nothing has been said about the specs of the device, it will most likely be a premium device. Moreover, it might come with mid-ranger specifications like the LG Wing. However, Samsung did not use a mid-range chipset with their Galaxy Z Flip. However, in an attempt to make foldable phones more affordable, Samsung might come up with a device which carries mid-range specs.

Samsung Galaxy Fold series definitely had a rough start and the sales numbers were abysmal. Moreover, the controversies surrounding the device made it even worse. It was also regarded as one of the biggest flops by the company. However, although the smartphone was not a hit, it definitely revolutionized the concept of foldable smartphones. Hopefully, the new rollable smartphone will launch with less hiccups.


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