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5 Top Grossing Video Games Of All Time That You Can Play Today!


Interested to know about the business side of the gaming world? After all, the video games industry is as big as some movie industries now. We take a look at five top grossing video games in this article, to understand the magnitude of where the video games industry is headed for the future!

- Updated: 27th May 2022, 11:36 IST
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    Red Dead Redemption 2
  • 2
    PUBG: Battlegrounds
  • 3
    Grand Theft Auto V
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  • 5
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Considering how large the video games industry has grown, checking numbers has become part and parcel of the industry. With some games like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 redefining the business altogether, companies have become obsessed with sales figures. This is the natural step forward for such a vast industry. As fans, we can only ask the companies not to compromise on quality in a bid to meet their sales and deadlines (looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077). However, some games meet both quantity and quality standards in an impeccable fashion. These are the video games we’ll be looking at today. Let’s look at the top grossing video games, shall we?

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Units sold – 43 million

Released – 2018

Speaking of Red Dead Redemption 2, this game redefined open-world gaming and storytelling in the modern era. While the basis for this was already laid down by GTA 5, Rockstar improved on its formula and delivered a game worth every bit of the hype. The first Red Dead Redemption game was nominated for multiple Game Of The Year awards, thereby creating massive hype around the sequel. Thankfully, the sequel delivered on all the expectations and more. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a cowboy in the Wild West, right before the start of Modernism, this is the game to play. If nothing else, play the game for its beautiful story and engaging gameplay.

Check out on: Steam | Epic Store

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PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Units sold – 70 million (as of 2020)

Released – 2017

The latest sales figures for PUBG: Battlegrounds are slightly difficult to find. However, ever since the game’s release in 2017, the game has sold over 70 million copies. Moreover, you can still buy the game in online stores such as Steam. Although PUBG Mobile has taken over the world now, PUBG: Battlegrounds is still quite a behemoth in the gaming industry. As the first game to introduce the Battle Royale mode, it isn’t dying out anytime soon.

Moreover, the game is solid both in terms of gameplay and graphics. It has an exceptionally steep learning curve, though. So if you’re planning to play this game, get ready for some serious challenges.

Check out on: Steam

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 top grossing video games

Units sold – 160+ million

Released – 2013

What can we say about Grand Theft Auto V that hasn’t already been said? This game changed the perspective for open-world games when it was released almost a decade ago in 2013. Now, the game has received multiple remasters that have made it more engaging to players on the next generation of consoles. While we wait for GTA 6 news and announcements, GTA 5 is a game you can revisit endlessly. It’s got excellent storytelling, a considerable open world littered with random activities, and some highly memorable characters. If you have a craving for open-world games today, you can’t go wrong with this game.

Check out on: Steam | Epic Store

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Minecraft pc game

Units sold – 238+ million

Released – 2011

Who would’ve thought that a game like Minecraft, with pixel art and blocky aesthetics, would’ve beaten games like GTA 5 in terms of sales figures? However, this just makes a stronger case about the content and quality of games being more important than the graphics. With Minecraft, you’ve got an almost endless amount of freedom. You can either play the Survival Mode, where you have to survive the onslaught of creatures during the night and farm resources during the day, or the Creative Mode. The second mode gives you unlimited resources to mine and craft anything to your heart’s content. People have created entire games based on franchises like Pokemon, in Minecraft.

Moreover, the modding community in Minecraft is highly creative and comes up with something new every now and then. Basically, this results in endless replayability and keeps the game fresh. If you’ve had an aversion towards this game all this time, why not give it a shot? After all, the sales figure can’t lie about the game’s quality!

Check out on: Official Minecraft website

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Tetris top grossing video games

Units sold – 500+ million

Release date – 1984

Yup. The top grossing video game of all time is Tetris. One of the earliest puzzle and strategy games, Tetris has been revisited by countless developers who wanted to put their unique twist on the game. Some have worked, while others have not. Regardless, the cerebral fun of playing Tetris on the newer generation of hardware is unparalleled. Not only are your senses being fed with some beautiful animations, but the game’s challenge isn’t lost either. You will still have to fit as many tiles and blocks as possible to reach the highest scores. This makes one thing certain – simplicity and elegance can’t be beaten. Considering the sales figures of this game, Tetris won’t be beaten anytime soon either!

Check out on: Steam


So, what do you think about the top grossing video games of all time? Didn’t you find some unexpected entries here? That’s the best part about the gaming community. You’re never quite sure what people will like. A good thumb rule to follow is to not overcomplicate things, and ensure that the foundations are strong for your game. Let’s see which game breaks the internet and these sales figures in the future. Our money’s on GTA 6. What about you?

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  • The video games industry has become obsessed with numbers in the past few years. After all, it is a business at the end of the day.
  • Some developers have often compromised on quality in a bid to meet sales figures and deadlines. Others have mastered both quality and quantity.
  • Take a look at five of the top grossing video games in the modern era!

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