Do you want to install the XAPK file but don’t know how to do it? Fear not; we are here to help you out. This is mainly for those people who love to play around with smartphones a lot, and I don’t mean gaming. Sideloading an APK file is a relatively easy task; however, if you don’t know the ifs and buts, then it might haunt you and your smartphone. So, this article is for you if you want to sideload any apk file and look forward to installing xapk file on your android device.

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Tell me, What is XAPK file?

XAPK file is an extension of the additional data files an application requires to function. For example, the (Opaque Binary Blobs)OBB file your smartphone has for the PUBG Mobile game. So now, the question arises why do we need an OBB file or XAPK file in the first place?

Answer: Every application has some working data set; these data sets make the app more heave in terms of storage. This cause apps to take a lot of memory to function since when you open the game, it will directly open 3GB of the game file, which can cause the mobile CPU to overload and your device starts showing lagging issues. To tackle these issues, developers tend to have a very creative approach toward this problem; rather than creating or compromising the quality of the application, developers create an additional file set (XAPK or OBB) that you can download, and the main application will take whatever necessary data it requires from that file.

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In heavy graphics-intensive games, most of the OBB and XAPK file is installed as a graphics data package and has program files for additional gaming feature, e.g. maps, gun sets, skins, tracks etc. An XAPK file is a new file format that packages the android installer file and game data or additional data. In general, these are compressed files (Zip files).

Is it safe to install XAPK File from Any source?

Short answer: NO

Installing XAPK files from any source might be subject to risk since you don’t know precisely the application’s authenticity. However, every app on the Google play store goes through a quality check, which means Google has its standards and security procedures that ensure its safety for general use. When the app qualifies for the test, it becomes eligible for download on the play store.

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So, if you’re installing an XAPK file from an unverified source, there might be some challenges in the long run, and here is the reason for it. Most XAPK files are compressed data packages, and since you are installing it from an untrusted source, there might be a chance of hidden malware attack, virus or worst case spyware. Furthermore, any hacker can easily corrupt an XAPK file and attack a potential smartphone thread with the package. So, it is better not to install XAPK files from any unverified source.

What are the Advantage of XAPK File?

The most significant advantage that you get with the XAPK file is the time taking to install any application. Since the XAPK file is a compressed format, it saves a lot of time downloading and installing it to any other smartphone or device. In addition, you can easily keep a copy of the application and keep it in your smartphone storage or on Google drive.

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How to Install XAPK File on Android ?

There are two methods to install an XAPK file, first is to use the APKPure app, the process is relatively easy, and you can install any application without any hassle. However, the second process is to use the file manager app of your smartphone. So I was hoping you could take my advice and download the XAPK file to your laptop or computer first and then transfer it to your smartphone for easy installation.

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Step 1: Locate the file in your file manager and rename the file extension to “.zip“.

Step 2: Once done, you can easily open the file by just clicking on it. Or, it might ask you to provide a location where the file can extract. Carefully give a path and proceed ahead.

Step 3: Once extracted, you’ll be able to see .apk files and an OBB folder.

Step 4: Locate the OBB folder of the application and copy it. Paste the file in the “Storage/Android/OBB” path.

Step 5: Once done, install the APK file as usual.

Pro tips: If you’re having issues while installing the APK file, then you might have to turn on the setting that allows you to install third-party apps from unknown secure.

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Installing a third-party application from a non-trusted source is a risk. I would strongly advise against it. Let us know if this method helps us, and you are able to install the application without any hassle.

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Note: Cashify strongly condemn the installation of any pirated software or application, you’re advised to take caution and follow the law of land and not download anything which is illegal.