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Free Instagram Story Downloader APK That You Can Use!


Do you often forget to take screenshots of the story you like and the next time you go to see the same story, it vanishes? Here are some of the free Instagram story downloader APK that you can use.

- Updated: 2nd Feb 2023, 12:27 IST
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    Best Instagram Story Downloader APK That You Can Use
    • 1. Snaptube
    • 2. Story Saver for Instagram
    • 3. Story Downloader APKToy
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    Summary: Instagram Story Downloader APK

APKs have come a long way in providing relief to all those users who want extra added to the original applications or the new applications in total. Our article is dedicated to one such important work of Instagram story downloader APK, which is a tad bit different from the normal methods we use to download stories.

Instagram stories are one such thing that pops up right before us every time we open Instagram. They are present in round circles present alongside the stories that you might have posted. Besides, they are a source of many ideas, designs, and text references that you can use later on.

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While many people prefer to keep screenshots of the stories they end up liking, many others use online story downloaders via websites and mobile apps to do the same. Here we look into Instagram story downloader APK that you can use.

Best Instagram Story Downloader APK That You Can Use


These APKs help you in downloading Instagram stories right from the application instead of hopping to some third-party websites or apps. As the name suggests, these APKs (Android Package Kit) run only on Android platforms and not on other operating systems.

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These Instagram story downloader APK are quite easy to use. You can simply get started by downloading the package on your phone, log in to your account, and get going!

Hence, make sure that you download them on the Android platform only. Here are some of the story downloader APKs from Instagram that you can consider using.

1. Snaptube


The 26MB Snaptube is free to use and runs on Android 9.0 or above versions. It is one of the well known Instagram story downloader APK that has 10 million+ downloads. Additionally, it supports 20+ languages from different parts of the globe too, making it accessible for wide audience. Some of the language that one can use are English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese.

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It can be used not just for stories but also for downloading video and music from many other social media platforms too. There is an inbuilt free library with this app and one does not need to register themselves beforehand to get started. It is available for all age grounds and has no restrictions.

Click to download the Instagram Story Downloader APK right here!

2. Story Saver for Instagram

instagram story downloader apk

The story saver for Instagram is a specialized app meant to fulfil the task of saving the stories you like directly on your local gallery. Additionally, they can be even used to save videos and photo formats of stories.

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Now you do not have to take up any external app to complete the task, as all of it can be done using this special APK meant for story downloading. The app is absolutely free to use and runs on Android 9.0 and above. You can download it from the APK source directly via the developer or through Google Play.

Click to download the Instagram Story Downloader APK right here!

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3. Story Downloader APKToy

instagram story downloader apktoy

The story downloader by APKToy in version 1.4.5 can be used to download story and highlights directly from the application. It has an OS requirement of 5.0 and above. The app can be used to download photos as well as videos that are a part of the story. Additionally, it is very lightweight and does not consume too much of memory space.

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The interface is quite clean and you can use this app to repost photos as well videos. Multi video download is one of the key features provided using the application. You can also use this app to see all the download history made using it.

Click to download the Instagram Story Downloader APK right here!

Summary: Instagram Story Downloader APK

Being an advocate for secure technology usage, we would definitely suggest going for some straightforward methods of downloading Instagram stories rather than depending on some APK. One of the prime reasons for this is that one can never be sure if APKs are working in sync with the task they have mentioned.

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There can be many hidden objectives too, for breaching the privacy and security of your device. Additionally, there can be issues with the insertion of malware and viruses if you download these APKs from unverified developers just to get your task done quickly.

Instead, you should always go for straightforward and direct methods of downloading Instagram story downloader. For more information, you can read deeper in this article, Here’s How You Can Use Online Instagram Story Saver! You will learn more about different ways of downloading the Instagram story and that too in a secure manner.

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