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How To Fix A Blurred Photo On Android – Without Using Photoshop!


With new smartphones are being launched by all major smartphone brands and the competition to achieve the best smartphone award has increased significantly over the past few years. While most of these new smartphones come with an excellent camera, there are still situations where you end up with a blurred photo. If you are a photoshop expert, then you probably know your way around photo editing and can easily fix the blue. However, if you are an average user and tools like Photoshop are too overwhelming, follow this guide for a quick fix to your blurred images.

By Akhil Taneja - 
27th May 2020
How to Fix a Blurred Photo on Android Phone

Highlights of the Story

  • Android smartphones have improved and come a long way when it comes to the cameras that they have, some even come with a full array of cameras
  • Despite the sophisticated cameras, we still occasionally end up with some blurred images that might happen while capturing images. The reasons can be- Maybe the focus was not correct, or the hands were not stable.
  • For most users, image editing tools like Photoshop can be overwhelming and inaccessible, in such cases we can easily use the app in this guide to fix the blur in your photos

Smartphones these days have very capable cameras and most of us use them on a regular basis to get some excellent captures. While most of the images we shoot generally turn out pretty good and pleasing to the eye, but there are some cases where the image is rather blurred, and this makes the image unusable. There are many photo editing software when it comes to Windows, notable among them is the Photoshop software from Adobe that allows users to fix most if not all issues with an image.

 While there is a variant of photoshop available for Android and iOS, it isn’t very easy to use for a new user as it comes with a host of features and it can quickly get overwhelming. This guide here will show you the easiest way to fix the blur in your photos using an Android smartphone.

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Taking a good quality photo on your Android phone can sometimes be very difficult, you need proper lighting, angle and a good camera app, and most importantly a very stable hand. Sometimes, while trying to capture important moments in your life, you might be left disappointed if your camera returns rather blurry pictures. The Fix Photo Blur app is a solution to fix those blurry pictures and preserve the best memories of your life. This app uses advanced algorithms to enhance, clear up, and remove blurred regions from your photos using your Android smartphone to tablet.

The app is very straightforward and does exactly what is suggested by the name, fix photo blurs. Alongside the simple task of fixing the blurs, the app also allows you to remove the chrome and Gaussian noise from your blurry pictures. You do not have to worry about having a blurry picture if you are using this app on your device.

The Fix Photo Blur app is very easy to use, once the image is loaded all you have to do is move the Fix Blur Slider to remove the blur on your photos, the more you move the slider to the right, the stronger the blur removal effect is applied on your device. The Deblurring process is as easy as moving sliders to the right or left in the app. Removing Blur on the photos might sometimes leave a trail of unwanted noise in the form of Grain or Coloured Sparkles that will impact the quality of the picture.

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How to Fix a Blurred Photo on Android Phone
Image Source: Google Play Store

The Fix Photo Blue App comes with a Fix Noise Slider that allows you to remove blur and noise at the same time, this slider can be used to remove Gaussian and Chroma noise while also enhancing the quality of your pictures. The Fix Blue Slider and the Fix Noise Slider can be used collectively to fine-tune your blurry images with the right mix of the slider controls.

There is also an option to compare the before and after image, this allows you to view the original blurry photo and the enhanced image at the same time so that you can instantly see the difference in the two images. You can simply tap on the view button in the app and you will be taken to a screen showing the original image and the fixed image at the same time.

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If you are making changes to an original photo, then all the changes are conveniently saved as a copy instead of replacing the original photo and causing permanent damage. This means that all the original photos with all the blurry glory will remain intact and not be disturbed in any way for future review.

You can download the Fix Photo Blur app from the Google Play Store and start fixing your blurry shots at ease.


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