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    DIY- Want to Make a Mobile Phone Projector At Home?


    How to make a mobile phone projector at home? DIY activity.

    By Akhil Kapoor | 
    Updated: 28th Apr 2022 10:25 IST

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      To prepare your smartphone projector, you will need:
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    • How to make a mobile phone projector at home?

    There is no doubt that mobile phone projectors are not a great personal entertainment unit, but what if I can say that you can create a DIY mobile phone projector at home with just scraps. Surprising isn’t it? In this new episode of Hello Hacks, we will tell you that one hack which can turn out to be very useful in day to day life is “How to make a mobile phone projector at home?”

    Did anyone of you know that you could convert your old shoe box and other office supplies into a smartphone projector? Yes, it is possible and it is quite easy.

    To prepare your smartphone projector, you will need:

    1. Shoebox
    2. Magnifying glass/Convex Lens
    3. Phone stand

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    1. Open the magnifying glass to get the convex lens out of it.
    2. Take the shoebox and mark the size of the convex lens on one side of the box as shown in the video. Now, cut the shoebox along with the markings to make a hole.
    3. Use fevicol to fix the convex lens on the shoebox. Leave it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
    4. Take the phone stand that you learnt to make with us in the last video and place it inside the shoebox to place the phone on it.
    5. Adjust the height of the phone stand so that there is enough space left to close the box from the top.
    6. Cut the cover of the shoebox accordingly to fix it on the top along with the convex lens.
    7. The convex lens projects an inverted image. So keep your phone upside down inside the shoebox, on the phone stand, in order to get the correct output.

    At the end

    Once you’re done, the mobile phone projector is ready to use. Creating your own projector is a fun DIY activity that you can do yourself. Although it is not a professional projector and might not produce a perfect image, it gives a pretty nice result. So, try it out yourself and let us know in the comment section how it turned out to be.

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