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How To Use Amazon Gift Card?


Recently received a gift card from your family, friend, or colleague and do not know how to proceed with it. Here is a brief to understand how to use an Amazon gift card.

- Updated: 17th Mar 2023, 21:34 IST
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    What is a gift card?
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    How to use Amazon gift card?
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Amazon, the e-commerce giant, provides people with one of the amazing options of gift cards that can be presented to anyone as a gift or reward. Be it for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, celebrating your work achievement, or any other occasion, an Amazon gift card can be used for anything and everything. This article is dedicated to knowing how to use the gift card, add it to your Pay account, and essential questions and answers related to gift cards.

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What is a gift card?

The gift card is a special prepaid instrument available for purchasing any goods on the Amazon website. You can choose to give a gift card to someone for a particular amount that they can use to purchase a particular product from the e-commerce website.

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Once you mention the details of the gift card before purchasing any product, the value mentioned in the gift card gets reduced from the product value. Additionally, once gifted, they can add this unique gift card to their account and proceed with the purchase.  

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How to use Amazon gift card?

Firstly, before you begin to use the gift card, you must know how to add a gift card.

  • For this, open your Amazon account and go to the profile section at the bottom of the app screen.
  • Next, tap on Your Account > Add Gift Card to your balance to continue.
  • The Amazon Pay screen opens up.
  • Add the 15-digit gift card number and tap Add to your balance.
  • The amount gets added to your Amazon Pay balance, which you can use to purchase any product from Amazon. However, there are gift cards attributed to specific sections as well. For example, the Fashion gift cards can be redeemed on the selected brand range that you purchase from.
amazon gift card
  • After you have added the Amazon gift card to your account, it’s time to answer the main question: How to use this Amazon gift card?

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Let’s say you have finalised a product that you want to purchase from the website or app.

How to Purchase Using Gift Card

  • Next, you need to add the product to your cart by tapping on Add to cart.
  • Go to your cart by tapping the basket icon at the bottom of the screen on your app.
  • Click Proceed to Buy
  • Choose the delivery address that you need or add a new address.
  • In the Payment section, you will be able to see the Amazon Pay balance that you can utilise towards the purchase.

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  • If the product amount is greater than the gift card amount, you need to pay the remaining amount to Amazon. However, you cannot choose to pay the remaining amount via the Cash on Delivery method, and hence you must pay it online.
  • If the product amount is lesser than the gift card amount, the remaining amount gets retained in your Amazon Pay balance, which you can retain in your next purchase.
  • If the product amount is equal to the gift card amount, the amount gets deducted, and the Amazon Pay amount returns to zero.

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Q: Where can I buy gift card?

You can buy a gift card from the website or Amazon application. This is how you can buy a gift card:

  • Click on the link to buy the gift card.
  • Select the type of gift card that you need to purchase.
  • Enter the price amount that you want to purchase the gift card for.
  • Tap Add To Cart > Proceed to Checkout
  • Add payment information and proceed to Continue > Place Your Order.

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Q: What is the validity of these gift card?

From the date of claim, the Amazon gift card is valid for one year.

Q: Is the gift card transferable to bank amount?

Yes, Amazon gift cards can be transferable to the bank. For this to happen, you must add it to the Pay balance and complete the KYC.

Q: What can I buy using the gift card?

You can buy any products unless specified otherwise using your Amazon gift card.

Q: Can I get the gift card delivered to my house?

Yes, the physical gift card can be delivered using free one-day shipping.

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Amazon gift cards can be one of the great gifting options that can be redeemed by the user to buy the product of their choice. These steps used in the process above can help you add the gift card and use the same towards completing the use of the card.

However, you must note that the Amazon gift card cannot be used to buy a Prime membership. You can choose to use an Amazon gift card at the time of your choice until you add the card to the account.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The gift card is one of the finest gift choices to gift someone when you don’t want to spend substantial time thinking about what to gift a particular person.
  • Besides, a gift card also lets you give the person to observe their own choice rather than gifting something that might be of no use to them.
  • This is how to use Amazon gift card using simple to use and easy steps.

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