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5 Best Instagram Private Account Viewer You Can Use!


Do you know that using a few tools and methods you can view the profile of someone using an Instagram private account viewer? Sneak into their profile secretly and get going.

- Updated: 3rd Feb 2023, 17:42 IST
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    Why is a Private Account Viewer Needed for Instagram?
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    Best Private Account Viewer To Use For Instagram
    • 1. Glassagram
    • 2. InstagramPrivateView
    • 3. IGLookup
    • 4. PrivateInstaViewer
    • 5. Inflact
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    Summary: Best Instagram Private Account Viewer

Many people are concerned about tracking the profile of people who have kept their accounts private. In light of this, it is necessary to understand that is possible to use an Instagram private account viewer to sneak into the profile of the person.

Additionally, there are many ways in which you can track stories and posts by these private accounts without bringing it to the knowledge of the account holder. These account viewers can be accessed for free or in a paid version to get the services.

Generally, with the increasing emphasis on privacy and ensuring the need to secure data, people store their account information privately and you cannot watch them at all on social media. Here, the private account viewer can be of great help in our Instagram journey as they save us from the hassle of creating an anonymous account.

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Why is a Private Account Viewer Needed for Instagram?

The private account viewer for Instagram sorts the problem of people who want to keep their identity secret and yet watch some accounts. Here, two people reap most of the benefits. One, who is not present on the Instagram platform at all and the other, who is not on the follower list of someone they want to track.

Normally, if you want to view someone’s story or post, simply clicking their profile and navigating through it will do the work. But here, this is not possible in case you not following the person at all. To cater for this pain point and assist people in knowing what is going on inside the profile of a person, Instagram private account viewer comes into action.

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Best Private Account Viewer To Use For Instagram

Here are some of the ways and methods in which you can use an Instagram private account viewer and check the private profile of a person.

1. Glassagram

One of the prime website that offers you quality feature of anonymously checking someone’s profile is Glassagram. ith safety and security assured, it gives you exactly what you need to track in profile. With one access, you can look into multiple profile. Additionally, you can save videos and posts too and access calendar on what has been posted during what time.

Key Features

  • Easy 5-minute setup
  • Secret video tracking on Instagram
  • Child locking the profile
  • Checking hot likes

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2. InstagramPrivateView

InstagramPrivateView is another such website that provides access to private account information really quickly. One of the outstanding feature is that it is free to use and can be accessed on many operating system like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows etc. Besides, it checks for new updates as soon as it is added and one can even source the pictures and posts in .zip file.

Key Features:

  • Free to use
  • Proxy support without any detection
  • Works without human verification
  • Standalone

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3. IGLookup

Using some easy to use interface and username of the profile you want to check, you can view the profile of someone without even letting them know. It is best if you want to keep yourself anonymous and still view all photo and video. Additionally, you do need to download any explicit software. The website does all the work.

Key Features

  • Simple interface
  • Updates you about new upload
  • Safe and secured

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4. PrivateInstaViewer

The website works on a secured SSL connection that makes all the transaction safe and legal. Besides, you do not need to provide any information that can compromise your privacy, and hence its best to use this Instagram private account viewer. Different operating system supported by software is Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Key Features

  • No external software required
  • Secured connection
  • No personal information
  • Free software

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5. Inflact

Inflact is one of the premium paid services that lets you browse post and lets you save them in local gallery. Here, you do not have to create any anonymous or fake account to keep a check on the private account.

However, the pricing of it is a bit high and the same features are generally available in free version of other website too. It can be accessed on Windows, iOS, and Android.

Key Features

  • Save the post on your device
  • Free basic version not allowed
  • 30 days money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
  • No need to create fake account

Click to check website now!

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Summary: Best Instagram Private Account Viewer

Frankly speaking, the right of keeping an account private lies solely in the hands of the account holder. Even though this set of software and tools have come up that lets you check the posts of the private profile too, this is unethical. Imagine entering someone’s home without their permission or breaking open their door without asking them.

It is called theft, no matter what! Besides, it is a matter of breach of privacy and hence one must try avoiding it at any cost. Respect the privacy of others too just the way you expect your privacy to be upheld.

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Highlights of the Story

  • It is not necessary to have an Instagram account if you want to check the profile of someone on Instagram.
  • Additionally, you do not need to be in their friend list to check what is going on in their profile.
  • Using the Instagram private account viewer, you can do the above-mentioned task, super quickly, without even letting them know.

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