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    10 Easy Tips and Tricks For Better Smartphone Photography


    Whatever kind of camera you use – DSLR, SLR, or smartphone – you need the same skills to take compelling photos. Occasionally, you’ll need specific tips for smartphones to take great pictures with your smartphone. Our guidance should help you click those professional-level photographs right on your Smartphone.

    By Shivaan Tomar | 
    Updated: 4th Nov 2022 12:11 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      1) Clean your lens  
    • 2
      2) Frame shots for better smartphone photography
      • Why is framing important? 
    • 3
      3) Avoid using the digital zoom
    • 4
      4) Natural Light> Flash Light 
    • 5
      5) Use third-party camera apps
    • 6
      6) Tripod for better smartphone photography
    • 7
      7) Avoid overusing the filters
    • 8
      8) Become well versed with editing skills 
    • 9
      9) HDR usage for better smartphone photography
    • 10
      10) Invest in a new Smartphone for better smartphone photography
    • 11

    Highlights of the Story

    • Want to level up your smartphone photography skills?
    • Wanting to click DSLR-level photos from your smartphone’s camera?
    • Our article has stated the most effective pointers for clicking next-level photographs on your smartphone.

    Today’s smartphone cameras can easily compete with the likes of your professional camera as the better options in smartphone photography have made it easier for a smartphone user to capture amazing shots. With the advancement in the camera industry, smartphone brands are bringing new technology to their cameras day by day by adding lenses, additional mounts, flashlight mounts, etc.

    Social media influencers are more swayed by the camera features on a smartphone than you can ever imagine as it gives me the chance to own a smartphone that is close to a professional camera; that is why if you ask any social media influencer, they will tell you how smartphone camera is a deciding factor for them to make their content. 

    If you have one of the world’s leading smartphone cameras, you can level up your photography skill to show the digital world of your clicking pictures talent. In this article, we will state some settings and ways through which you can bring your A-Game while doing photography through your smartphone. 

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    1) Clean your lens  

    better smartphone photography

    Before you click pictures, the first and most important rule is to clean your lens. Please avoid using your jeans or pants to clean the lens or a cotton cloth/napkin soaked in water as it may permanently damage your lens. If you want to ensure a good clean of the lens without any damage, we suggest you use a microfibre cloth to make your lens free from any dirt.

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    2) Frame shots for better smartphone photography

    better smartphone photography tips

    You can use your camera to help you frame and structure your shots.  

    In iOS-based devices, you can do the following-

    • Go to ‘Settings.’
    • Go to ‘Photos & Camera’
    • Enable ‘Grid’ 

    Once you enable the ‘Grid’ option in the camera of your Apple device, it will show a rule-of-thirds overlay grid in the Camera app. The rule-of-thirds overlay grid allows capturing the main focus of a photo in a way that is engaging to look at. It basically breaks the image you want to photograph into thirds, horizontal and vertical, to have nine equal partitions of an image done. 

    In Android-based devices, you can do the following-

    • Go to ‘Settings’ and open the ‘Apps’ Tab
    • Select ‘Camera’ 
    • Enable ‘Grid Lines’ 

    Note- The settings to Enable ‘Grid’ vary in Android phones but it won’t be difficult to toggle it ON.

    Once you enable the ‘Grid’ option in the camera of your Android device, it will show a rule-of-thirds overlay grid in the Camera app, and the way the image is parted into nine equal parts in the above iOS-based photography settings, the same can be expected in Android-based devices as well. 

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    Why is framing important? 

    The framing ensures that no undesirable subjects enter your picture’s frame while you are shooting. 

    3) Avoid using the digital zoom

    better smartphone photography

    When you digitally zoom in on your shots, the image gets pixelated. Since the optical zoom function, which helps keep an image less pixelated even after zooming in the shots, is not a function that is available on smartphones, you might have to move towards your shot to ensure that the images that you click are not grainy and pixelated. 

    Our suggestion would be not to use digital zoom that much. A better alternative will be to use a telephoto lens if you have it to mount on your smartphone’s camera. 

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    4) Natural Light> Flash Light 

    better smartphone photography in natural light

    Light coming from a camera’s flash mount can cause weird effects on the image according to its color, shadow effects, highlights, and unruly reflections. 

    If you have access to natural light, use that to capture your shot as you have a better picture. 

    Instead of using the harsh white flashlight of your smartphone, it is better to use the ‘Night Mode’ feature as it allows your smartphone’s camera to capture unique shots in darkness as well, but the issue with Night Mode is that you need to keep your smartphone real steady for a few seconds before an image is captured. Use a tripod while clicking the photo in ‘Night Mode’ to help you capture impressive low-light pictures. 

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    5) Use third-party camera apps

    better smartphone photography

    The smartphone’s pre-installed camera application is good to use, but there are many ways to capture a shot on your phone. 

    You can find tons of third-party camera apps that can be used to click photos and even edit them to add your personal touch to them. 

    Here is a list of the popular camera apps that can add zing to your photos- 

    1. B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor
    2. Remini – AI Photo Enhancer
    3. TouchRetouch

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    6) Tripod for better smartphone photography

    better smartphone photography tips using tripod

    Smartphone photographers do not rely on tripods as they feel it is a tool meant for professional cameras. Still, even the steadiest of the hand can get a tad bit shaky so relying on a tripod to capture stable images is the way to go. Also, using a tripod opens up a new set of shots for you to take, like- 

    1. Time-lapse shot
    2. Long-exposure shot
    3. Low-light photography
    4. Light painting 

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    7) Avoid overusing the filters

    better smartphone photography

    Photo filters are a sort of art like adding the correct amount of spices and herbs to a dish. Even if you slightly add a pinch more of spice or a herb to your dish, it will tarnish its taste. In the same way, if you add an unnecessary filter over an image, that image may start looking dull to the viewers, tarnishing its captivating essence. 

    Nevertheless, the pros in the photography industry make their pre-set filters which they use based on the shots they capture, which make the standard images better and have enough filters to make you see amazing edits of the photographer to such standard images. 

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    8) Become well versed with editing skills 

    photography editing skills

    Editing photos can make an image pop out with vibrance on the screen, so if you keep a few sets of editing skills in hand, there is no loss in putting them to use on your captures to take your shots to the next level. Editing your shots lets you create delicate transitions and gives you better command than filters.

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    9) HDR usage for better smartphone photography

    better smartphone photography

    HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range,’ It is a technique that photographers use to counterbalance the light levels in a scenario. HDR is used in scenarios with noteworthy differences in the exposure in a single frame. For example, indoors, you will find that shooting through a window to an indoor area with direct sunlight leads to different exposure in a single frame. In this case, the camera will either under-expose the light in the room or over-expose the light outside and in such cases, the HDR helps balance the light levels. 

    HDR helps you get proportional exposure in a photo having numerous highlights and shadows. It can also be overused and make images that look slightly off.

    It can be instrumental if you don’t overuse HDR. Usually, we suggest users use HDR on Auto. But understanding how to make proportional exposure in images will help you agreeably in the long haul.

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    10) Invest in a new Smartphone for better smartphone photography

    better smartphone photography

    The last tip may not seem to be a tip that most of you will go with, but the latest smartphone and camera tech helps you get better in photography. So invest in a smartphone if you have been using an outdated smartphone with a low-end camera spec. 

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    These ten tips will transform your smartphone photography from mediocre to amazing. The key to shooting incredible images is to practice, and with you having a camera that can do so much is just there in your pocket; there’s no excuse not to use it.

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