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Thinking About Selling Your Old Phone? Don’t Do It!


When you want to buy a new phone there is a big dilemma about what you should do with your old phone. You can sell it, but as smartphones are being launched at a rapid rate, you won’t get the best possible price. So instead of selling it, you can put it to good use and also save some money. Here are a few things that you can do with your old smartphone.

- Updated: 25th Mar 2021, 21:19 IST

“It’s not you; it’s me.” This might sound like a line someone says during a breakup, but it is also a line we often say when we want to buy a new smartphone. As soon as a new iPhone launches, everyone wants to buy it, not because their old phone isn’t functional anymore but because it is old. 

Don’t be ashamed of yourself. It’s human nature; we always want something new and better. But you have to do something about the old phone; you can’t just throw it away. After all, it may be old, but it still has some horsepower. So here are a few ways how you can utilize that old phone of yours.   

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1. Keep it as a backup device

old device as backup device

If you are somewhat a clumsy person who occasionally drops things, you will need a backup phone. It is good to have a spare phone with you, even if you are traveling or on the road. Nothing can hamper a trip like dropping your smartphone or it being stolen.

With a phone in backup, all you need is just a sim card to make it work; pop it in, and now you don’t have to worry about a smartphone. This is a lot better option than buying a new and expensive phone in a strange city or country. This also comes in handy if you need to get your smartphone repaired from the service center and this old smartphone can come in handy as a backup device for a few days.

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2. Donate your device

donate your old phone on cashify

There are a lot of organizations that can benefit from having a refurbished or old phone. Try donating your phone to people in the cleaning staff of your office or your building. They don’t earn very much so surely can benefit from your old phone.

You can even give up your smartphone to a store that collects them to recycle. There you can give smartphones even if they are broken. And this way your smartphone can help someone study as most of the classes are being held online and every kid needs a smartphone these days.

You can donate your smartphone with Cashify’s Mission Digital Shiksha from here.

3. Use it as your secondary device

use old phone as your work phone

Many smartphones these days come with a dual storage functionality that lets you separate your work apps and data from your personal data and apps. This is done by creating a separate partition for work-related stuff and a different partition for personal files. Although, this feature comes in handy but it’s better if you have a dedicated work phone for phone calls and emails and a separate personal smartphone.

So whenever you plan on upgrading, prefer to keep the old smartphone and use it as your secondary phone or work phone to manage your personal and professional life more efficiently. Ans in this pandemic, when every employee is working from home, a secondary smartphone comes in handy.

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4. Turn it into a remote control

remote control smartphone

Many Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi today include an IR sensor in all their devices so that you can use it even a remote control for all your electronic devices.

Almost all home appliances such as Television, Air Conditioner, etc. do come with a remote, but they are too small and tend to get lost. And instead of buying a new one, you can use your old phone to control these devices remotely. This way, you can keep a single remote and operate all your devices using it.

While the built-in remote app is great and features remote controls of almost all well-known appliances. But in case your appliance is not listed you can remap any remote control and use it from your smartphone.

5. No Resale Value

no resale value of old phone

New Smartphones are being released every day at a very rapid rate, a new smartphone becomes outdated in a matter of weeks and therefore the value of old models is not much when you go to sell them. So by the time your 1-year manufacturer warranty gets over, a new iteration of your smartphone variant is released and the older variant’s resale value decreases.

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Another reason is the device’s condition; often budget and mid-range smartphones are made up of plastic materials and therefore develop many scratches and cracks even after a few months of use. This also decreases the resale value. So if your old smartphone is out of warranty and is in poor physical condition, it’s better to keep it than to sell it at throwaway prices.

But Cashify can help you get the best value for your old smartphone. You can check the resale value of your old smartphone from here.

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Cashify Provides The Best Resale Value For Your Smartphone

cashify to sell old phone

In case you are still not sold on reasons I stated above and want to sell your phone, I suggest going with Cashify. Cashify has been a popular choice to sell and buy old refurbished smartphones, a trustworthy name in the industry. 

The reason why it is the best place to sell the phone is its services. If you want to sell your phone, all you have to do is register yourself on the platform, then choose the device you want to sell. The website then sends an executive to your place to pick up the device; once the company receives it, you receive the best possible price for your device.

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f your phone is facing issues, then you can conveniently get phone repair online through Cashify. You can also sell old mobile to us if you’re planning on buying a new phone. 


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Highlights of the Story

  • Resale value for smartphones drops the day you take it out of the box and use it.
  • In case you drop your phone, and it is broken, you can pop your sim in your old phone and use that till you get a new one.
  • If you still decide to buy the phone go with trusted platforms like Cashify, which would give you the best possible price for your old phone.

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