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Jio Balance Check Number: USSD Codes For Data Usage And Validity!


You can check Jio balance, data usage, and plan expiry date via Jio balance check number, SMS, call, or the Jio website. Here is a detailed article going over the ways you can do it.

- Updated: 1st Jul 2024, 19:01 IST
  • 1
    How To Check Jio Balance Now!
  • 2
    Check Balance Using Jio USSD Codes
  • 3
    Check Jio Balance Through SMS/Missed Call
  • 4
    Check Jio Balance On Call
  • 5
    Check Jio Balance On My Jio App
  • 6
    Check Jio Balance From Official Website
  • 7
    How To Check Jio Balance Of Jio Fibre Data On WI-FI?
  • 8
    • What Is Jio Balance Check Number?
    • How can I perform a Jio balance check through SMS or a missed call?
    • How can I perform a Jio balance check through a missed call?
    • What are the Jio USSD codes for balance check and validity?
    • How does balance check work through the My Jio app?
    • What is the minimum recharge plan on Jio to increase validity?
    • How do I check my current Jio plan?
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    Wrapping Up

Are you wondering about different ways to use a Jio balance check number? In this article, we will answer all your questions about Jio balance check and data balance with different and easy methods.

We all want to check our data balance, calling balance, and other details to recharge on time and avoid delays. This helps us receive and dial all the important calls, browse the internet without any interruption, and overall get a good network experience.

I personally vouch for Jio thanks to the amazing network quality and Internet speed. So, whether you are searching for “Jio Balance check number”, “Jio net balance check number”, or “Jio balance check code”, you will find all details here.

How To Check Jio Balance Now!

People often miss balance expiry SMS from their provider because it gets lost among other messages. This can lead to losing connectivity at important times. It’s a good idea to check your balance and recharge in advance. You can use Jio balance check codes like USSD or other methods to do this. Let’s discuss how.

Below are some of the methods for Jio balance check number that we will discuss in depth.

  • Method 1: Check Balance Using USSD codes
  • Method 2: Check Balance Through SMS/Missed Call
  • Method 3: Check Balance On Call!
  • Method 4: Check Balance On My Jio App
  • Method 5: Check The Balance On the Official Website.

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Check Balance Using Jio USSD Codes

USSD Code is a special language where your phone can talk to the network operator and help sort your queries. Instead of actually calling the network, with USSD, you can type a certain code and hit the send button. For example, you can know things like your balance, last three phone calls, different plan details, and more.

Check balance using Jio USSD codes

Here are all the Jio USSD Codes that can give you details about different kinds of information. You can check your internet balance, activate caller tune, know your main balance, check validity, and more!

Basic Jio USSD Codes:

USSD CodeFunctionality
1111*3#Internet Balance Information
*333#To Know Main Balance
333311#Activate Caller Tune
333312#Deactivate Caller Tune
*147#Plan Validity Check
1212*2#Active Services Check
*121#Jio Services Menu
*129#Manage profile
*199#Recharge Options

Here’s how you can use any of these codes easily for Jio Balance Check Number:

  1. Go to the number dialer and dial the Jio Balance Check Code *333# to see your main balance.
  2. Your balance will be displayed once you dial the Jio Net Balance Check number.

Check Jio Balance Through SMS/Missed Call

To know your Jio balance and validity through SMS or call, dial 1299. The call will be automatically disconnected, and you will get a message on the number from which you requested to know the balance.

Using Jio balance check number for SMS_Missed Call

You can also type MBAL to 55333, and you will get a detailed text message about your balance.

Text includes: your plan, data usage, SMS usage, recharge balance, and plan expiring date.

Jio Net Balance Check Number Difference In Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Jio Accounts:

Remember that the SMS codes for Jio prepaid members and Jio postpaid users are different but, the Jio balance check number where you send the SMS remains same, that is 199.

You Have SMS for Balance InquirySMS to
Jio Post-PaidBILL199
Jio Pre-PaidBAL199

Here are some Important SMS messages in a glance that you can save for future reference:

BILL to 199Check bill amount for Jio Postpaid customers
MYPLAN to 199Know the current plan for Jio
START to 1925Activate 4G data on your SIM
TARIFF to 191Check call rates
JIO to 199Know your Jio number
MBAL to 55333Check 4G data usage
DATAUSAGE to 55333Check detailed data usage of the last 24 hours. It is applicable for the internet, calls, and SMS.
BAL to 199Know the remaining Call Balance, Data balance, expiry date, and more.

These special codes are valid for:

  • JioFi Devices
  • Dongles with Jio SIM Card

Keep visiting the page as Jio keeps on changing these codes for users.

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Check Jio Balance On Call

You can try out the Jio balance check number if there is any issue with using the SMS codes. You can make the call at any time of the day. Customer service executives are always active.

jio balance check number on call

Using the Jio balance check number that is dedicated for customer service calls can help escalate the matter to the right people quickly.

Jio Balance Check by Calling Customer Care:

  1. Call either 1800 889 9999 or 1991 from your Jio phone.
  2. The automated system (called IVR) will ask you to pick your preferred language. Press the key for the language you understand best, like English, Hindi, or Kannada.
  3. The IVR will tell you your daily data balance and how long your current plan is valid (validity).

Remember: You can use the IVR to check your balance quickly, but you might need to speak to a representative for other tasks like setting a caller tune.

If you are still having trouble with this method, you can contact customer care for assistance. The customer care number is 1800 889 3999 / 1800-88-99999. This is a toll-free number, and even non-Jio customers can reach out to customer care with this number.

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Check Jio Balance On My Jio App

The My Jio app is like your one-stop shop for everything Jio! Need to know how much data you have left? Open the app to see your plan details, including data balance and validity. You can also check your account balance, find new plans with great offers, and stay updated on the latest Jio deals.

Check Jio Balance On My Jio App

Jio even lets you track your call history, message usage, and internet data usage in one place without having to use the Jio balance check number. Plus, if you ever need to find a Jio store nearby, the app can help you locate one!

  1. Download the MyJio App from your smartphone app store if you don’t have one. Download here: Android | iOS
  2. Complete the registration process using your Jio number and OTP.
  3. Now, open the app and get the View Detail Option.
  4. Click on view detail to see the SMS balance, Data Balance, Voice Call Balance, and Plan expiry date.

My Jio app is full of features. It is the easiest way to check Jio data balance and validity. Moreover, you can connect your secondary Jio account, JioFi, JioLink, and Jio Fiber account with the app.

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Check Jio Balance From Official Website

Check Balance On Jio Website

Another easy way of checking your Jio balance and managing your Jio account is If you don’t want to depend only on my Jio app, Jio balance check number, or other methods, you can try this convenient one.

  1. Go to Jio’s official website and click on Sign In.
  2. Select the Mobile option and enter your Jio mobile number.
  3. You will get an OTP on your number, enter it and click on the submit button.
  4. Now, you will see your data balance & usage and your plan details. Click on Check Usage or View More to know the balance in detail.

Furthermore, you can check your recharge history and invoice history and get your past 6-month statement of voice calls, data usage, and SMS by clicking on My Statement. Then, if you want to recharge, you can compare and select a well-suited plan and quickly get the recharge done on your Jio number.

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How To Check Jio Balance Of Jio Fibre Data On WI-FI?

Knowing your Jio Fibre active data plan is necessary to avoid interruptions during important tasks like work calls, video conferences, or games. While Jio Fibre sends alert messages for recharge when the plan is about to expire, we often ignore or miss out on these messages. If you want to check your Jio Fibre balance thoroughly to ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi, follow these steps.

  1. Open the MyJio App on your mobile with the Jio number.
  2. On the homepage, you will see an active plan on the Jio Fibre Number and an option to recharge.
  3. Click on the forward arrow on the right of the Jio number to open more details.
  4. Now you can view the current plan and expiration date and check usage or balance.


What Is Jio Balance Check Number?

Jio balance check numbers are basically all the USSD codes (like *147# for checking plan validity) and calling or SMS numbers you can use to get details about your recharge plans, check validity etc.

How can I perform a Jio balance check through SMS or a missed call?

You can check ypur balance via SMS by sending text “MBAL” to 55333. You’ll receive a message containing details such as balance, data usage, SMS usage, recharge balance, and plan expiry date.

How can I perform a Jio balance check through a missed call?

You can do a Jio balance check via a missed on call on the number 1299. The call will disconnect on it’s own and the required information will come to you via text message.

What are the Jio USSD codes for balance check and validity?

To check balance and validity for your Jio number, use USSD codes: 333# for main balance, 11113# for internet balance, and 333311# to activate a caller tune.

How does balance check work through the My Jio app?

Download the My Jio app, complete the registration process, and navigate to the “View Details” section. There, you can check your SMS balance, data balance, voice call balance, and plan expiry date.

What is the minimum recharge plan on Jio to increase validity?

The minimum recharge plan on Jio to increase validity is the basic Rs. 127 plan. This plan offers 15 days of validity, unlimited phone calls, and 12GB of mobile data. It’s suitable for short-term usage, and opting for longer durations (84 days and above) provides extended validity and savings on the tariff plan.

How do I check my current Jio plan?

Check your current Jio plan through the MyJio app: Login, tap ‘View Details’ on the homepage or use the Mobile/Fiber icons for plan information, including balance and validity for prepaid customers.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Jio stands out as India’s top telecom operator, known for its budget-friendly plans and excellent network services since the beginning. This article makes the Jio balance check number process easy and convenient. Along with that, we also explore checking data usage, plan validity, offers and discounts, etc.

My Jio app, the Jio website, or quick USSD codes for on-the-go information. Choose what suits you best to stay informed and in control of your Jio account.

Also, share this post with anyone in your friends and family who frequently need to use the Jio balance check no for balance enquiry.

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To know the internet balance and plan validity on your Jio WI-FI number, you can open the My Jio App on mobile. The active plans with your number will be visible on the home page itself. If not, then you can click on the forward arrow to the right of your other Jio number if visible and switch accounts to check active plan. Or you can click on menu bar in the bottom. Scroll down to Jio fibre number and click on it. Now you can view the My plans, My usage and recharge history. Hope this helps!

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