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    Top 5 Apps That Offer Same Day Delivery Of Parcels & Groceries


    On-demand hyperlocal delivery service providers can make an integral part of your online FMCG business or restaurant, these can even come in handy to order daily essentials from a nearby vendor. These courier service providers offer the same day inter-city deliveries of different products. There are different applications available with various service offerings at several prices. Thus, next time you need to send any package to anyone within your city or get groceries, all you need to do is download one of these apps.

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    Updated: 4th Nov 2022 15:48 IST

    Table Of Contents

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      Top 5 Fast Delivery App for Parcels and Groceries
      • 1. Wefast — Fast Courier Delivery App
      • 2. Dunzo: Deliver Packages Fast
      • 3. Saral – Same Day Intra-City Courier Delivery
      • 4. Pidge – Instant Delivery & Courier Service
      • 5. Lalamove India – Delivery App
      • 6. Swiggy Genie: Local Grocery and Parcel Delivery
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      Final Words

    Highlights of the Story

    • Hyperlocal delivery service providers are offering a larger market for small eCommerce businesses and fulfilling the daily needs of individuals.
    • These services can be used to send small packages to your friends and family, order groceries and medicines, etc.
    • Check out the list of top 5 apps that offer same-day delivery of parcels and groceries.

    Are you looking for a fast delivery app service provider for your restaurant business? Or, just want to deliver a package to a relative who’s based in the opposite part of the city? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to get your groceries home delivered? Well, here we have got the 5 best apps that offer fast delivery app services in India. So, check out our list now to get your package delivered now!

    From groceries, food, personal care products to medicines, stationery product sellers’ eCommerce businesses are quite rapidly imparting into the on-demand fast delivery app. The Coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lock-down obviously played the role of cupid here. Now, most people prefer home delivery of the products rather than going to the shop to buy daily essentials.

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    The demand has increased, so the expectations of this customer base to get a faster delivery have grown exponentially. Hyperlocal delivery service providers can ensure much speedier delivery of your package.

    Whether you are running a small bakery or home kitchen, these hyperlocal delivery service providers can help you increase your business by quite a fold. So have a look below and choose among the Top 5 Apps that offer same-day delivery of parcels and groceries.

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    Top 5 Fast Delivery App for Parcels and Groceries

    Fast delivery app service providers like Wefast, Dunzo, Saral have already taken the market by storm. But neither all of them are available in India’s leading cities, nor do they have the exact same business model or pricing.

    Therefore, you need to have a close look at each service provider to get yourself the best deal. We have minimised the extensive research work for you. Check out our list, and you will have a clear idea.

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    1. Wefast — Fast Courier Delivery App

    Wefast — Fast Courier Delivery App

    Wefast is a professional courier service company. They partner with restaurants and online stores and help them reach their customers. Not only that, but Wefast can also buy on-demand products for you from your selected shop and get them delivered.

    The company offers its services in the 14 cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Bengaluru. If you are based out anywhere in these cities, you can avail the services of Wefast. 

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    For businesses, Wefast comes with 5 different subscription plans available at different prices. Apart from that, they let you choose your own customised plan at your convenience. Moreover, growing their business rapidly, Wefast can ensure delivery time as fast as in 90 mins.

    For individual consumers, they offer their service at a very cost-effective price. You can get your package delivered at as low as Rs. 40. For hyperlocal deliveries, they charge Rs. 8 per km. You can avail WeFast’s service from their smartphone app and through the website. Recently, the company has changed its name and has been rebranded as Borzo.

    Download Wefast: Android | iOS

    2. Dunzo: Deliver Packages Fast

    Dunzo: Deliver Packages Fast

    Dunzo is also an app-based courier delivery service provider with a similar business model to WeFast. In fact, Dunzo is one of the most popular courier service delivery apps functioning in the market. Dunzo is available in 7 major cities in India. So if you are based out of any of the following cities, you can get your package delivered with Dunzo.

    • Mumbai
    • Pune
    • Bangalore
    • Chennai
    • Hyderabad
    • New Delhi
    • Gurgaon

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    Suppose you own a business and are looking for a hyperlocal delivery partner or need to buy daily stuff like groceries, fruits & vegetables, and medicines. In that case, Dunzo brings the best solution for you. Dunzo has even partnered with local restaurants to offer food delivery services just like Swiggy and Zomato.

    For businesses, Dunzo offers the fastest delivery service within 45mins. When you sign up, you can get the first 3 deliveries for free. Download the application on your Android/iOS device today and get your package delivered using Dunzo.

    Download Dunzo: Android | iOS

    3. Saral – Same Day Intra-City Courier Delivery

    Saral – Same Day Intra-City Courier Delivery

    SARAL, an app-based same-day intra-city courier delivery service provider, is a venture started by one of India’s leading eCommerce shipping company Shiprocket. The SARAL application is available for both Android and iOS smartphone users.

    With SARAL, you can ship hyperlocal orders within 50km. They have partnered with on-demand fast delivery app providers like Shadowfax, WeFast, and Dunzo. Currently, SARAL offers its services in India’s 12 cities – Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Faridabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, and Noida.

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    The app lets you reconcile your cash on delivery orders. Shiprocket has built this application dedicatedly for online shops and businesses that want to enrich their customer base by offering hyperlocal deliveries. Therefore, if you are running a restaurant business, cloud kitchen, or other online business, SARAL offers you the best delivery solution.

    You can also set up a pickup and drop order for daily essentials or parcels to friends and family as an individual. The pricing of the job varies from the various delivery partners that are available. You can select the partner that offers the lowest cost or the one which provides the fastest service.

    Download Saral: Android

    4. Pidge – Instant Delivery & Courier Service

    Pidge - Instant Delivery & Courier Service

    If you are based out of Delhi NCR and looking for an instant delivery and courier service provider, then Pidge can be the best option for you. From sending valuable documents to your associates to medicines to your parents living in the other part of the city, Pidge brings the one-stop solution.

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    Apart from Delhi, the service is also available in Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, & Ghaziabad. For businesses, Pidge offers API integration, end-to-end live tracking, and dedicated account management facilities. The best thing about Pidge is that there are no radius limitations, unlike other applications. 


    We tried to send a parcel to a location that was 4.5km away from our place and were charged Rs. 88 for the parcel. New customers are eligible for a 50% discount on their first three orders.

    Download Pidge: Android | iOS

    5. Lalamove India – Delivery App

    Lalamove India

    Lalamove offers same-day delivery services on-demand. This app-based courier delivery service provider brings the one-stop solution to grow your business from bulk deliveries for businesses to individual consumer product deliveries.

    From furniture, and wholesale goods to hardware, electrical products, and medical equipment, Lalamove delivers heavy and bulky packages. Not only that, you can use this application to drop off packages with urgent documents, food & beverages, flowers, etc. 

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    They offer the best service even for your fragile packages and parcels. Another thing that makes it pretty different from the other applications with similar business models is that it offers multi-stop deliveries. For multi-stop deliveries, you can choose up to 20 locations.

    Businesses can choose from three different subscription plans with various features. The Enterprise plan is specially dedicated to large-scale companies as it offers delivery of up to 50 orders in a month. Along with that, the Enterprise plan provides account manager support and API integration.

    Download Lalamove India: Android | iOS

    6. Swiggy Genie: Local Grocery and Parcel Delivery

    Swiggy Genie

    Swiggy is a well-known food delivery app that delivers food for restaurants in all major cities in India. And with this vast delivery network, Swiggy has also introduced a new service known as “Swiggy Genie”. This service is a hyperlocal delivery service. From point A to point B, you can ask the rider to deliver any package, including food items, groceries, documents, clothes, medicines, etc.

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    You just need to mention the pickup address, delivery address, and the package details or list of items that need to be picked up from the pickup address and the delivery address. Again, this is quite decent and is calculated as per base fair plus a per-kilometre cost.

    Download Swiggy: Android | iOS

    Final Words

    On-demand hyperlocal delivery systems are the next big thing happening for eCommerce sellers. This business model offers an excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses. For restaurants that are running their order direct service, it would be a perk. Moreover, end consumers will also be beneficial with these applications functioning and offering their best services like same-day delivery of food and medicines.

    1 Year ago
    We fast was booked on 18-8-21 & it was delivered on 19-8-21 almost 24 hours later. I was just checking on it as to how much I can rely.

    1 Year ago
    I have tried pidge services , there services are not really good. I am not satisfying with their services at all. You can go for dunzo rather proving better services . Thanks

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