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Best Free WhatsApp Sticker Apps For Android


WhatsApp stickers have become incredibly popular in recent times. So, we have come up with the top 5 best sticker apps for WhatsApp.

By Yeti - 
19th Nov 2020
WhatsApp Sticker Apps

Highlights of the Story

  • Stickers are a fun and interactive way of keeping the conversation going
  • There are tons of sticker apps for WhatsApp
  • Here we have listed the top 5 best sticker apps for WhatsApp

Can you imagine having a super fun conversation with your friends without using stickers? No way! Stickers have become so popular nowadays. Sticker apps have seen a major hike in downloads in recent days. Moreover, personalized stickers are the trend right now wherein you can create stickers from saved images on your device. This is a very fun and interactive way to text. Sometimes you can just go on sending stickers and the conversation just never ends. Isn’t it fun? However, there are a ton of sticker apps for you to use on WhatsApp. You might get confused about which one to possibly use. Don’t worry. We have made a list of the top 5 sticker apps for WhatsApp.

From being able to explore millions of stickers and making stickers, this app is an all rounder go to for WhatsApp stickers. You can easily search for particular sticker bundles as well and then add them on WhatsApp. You can also easily customize your WhatsApp stickers section by naming them. Different columns of stickers will appear. Moreover, this way you can organize your stickers collection and keep them for multiple purposes when texting. All-in-all, is your definitely the way to go!

Here is how you can create a WhatsApp sticker pack:

Step 1: Name your sticker pack

Step 2: Select photos and cut stickers out of them

Step 3: Add captions to give your stickers more character

Step 4: Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to your friends

Stickers For WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)

This is hands down one of the best apps out there to make stickers. You can turn image into sticker and can also add any text in multiple languages. Besides, doing it all is pretty easy with this app and you won’t face any issues. Download this app straight and start creating stickers. From hilarious stickers of yourself to your friends, you can make a ton of stickers. Furthermore, you can showcase your creativity by using text, images, emoticons, memes and more.

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Additionally, the application allows you to create free hand stickers with the help of pencil tool. Besides, you can use this to write anything in your language of preference and turn it into sticker. Furthermore, you can create unlimited text stickers by typing in your vernacular and can also convert png image to sticker. From creating desi stickers to creating unlimited sticker packs, this app allows you to do it all.

Stickify: Stickers for WhatsApp

Stickify allows you to make as many personal WhatsApp stickers you want. Moreover, there are no limits on how many you can make. From using texts and images to emoticons and memes, you can customize your sticker any way you want. You can be as creative as you want to be with Stickify and this allows it to secure a position on this list. Additionally, the app also allows you to share and showcase your creativity on social networking applications. If you want to take your WhatsApp sticker making creativity to the next level, this is the app for you!

Wemoji By Picmax

It goes without saying that Wemoji is one of the best sticker maker Android apps. This is an incredibly popular app. For its funky interface and the ability to create as many personalized stickers as possible, this app is just so good. The free version is available on the Google Play Store for you to download.

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There are a plethora of personalizing options available for you to make use of. From being able to adjust the contrast and brightness of your stickers to adding multiple decors, the app offers a lot. Moreover, this app can enhance your image to a significant extent as well.

Sticker Maker by Stickify

If we talk about iPhone apps, this app is the best free one available. The app allows users to make custom sticker apps from saved personal photos. Whether you want to make your friend laugh out loud or make fun of yourself, this is the best app for iPhone users. There are multiple editing options as well. You can rotate, resize and do a whole lot of other things to your stickers. Furthermore, you can also add text to the stickers and use them in WhatsApp.

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Hopefully, these stickers prove to be useful in your quest of finding the best sticker bundles. Happy texting!


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